Keys to choose flashlights that adapt to all sports activities

Now that summer is coming, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the hours of sun and the energy that these months give us to perform all kinds of exercises and sports activities. In fact, the months of June, July, August and September allow nature to escape to disconnect from day-to-day routines. Mountain excursions, hiking, water sports, swimming and snorkeling are some of the possibilities we have with heat and good temperatures. Of course, to do these activities you need both the desire and the necessary equipment to practice the sport discipline that suits us.

Flashlights for sports

One of these necessary elements in all types of activity is a flashlight, no matter whether it is day or night the flashlights are never too much to have some more lighting. A clear example is when diving is necessary to have light and for this we must have the best diving lanterns, unless you want to fish or take a picture at the bottom of the sea and can not because of lack of light.

The same happens if you are going to run through the mountain, and that is not all, a good sports lantern will help you for other moments such as camping, hiking, traveling, etc.

Flashlights are necessary in all kinds of situations, so it is necessary to choose one that suits our sports discipline, needs, range of light and luminosity. It is not the same to practice trail at night and need a front to go in the middle of the field in the dark and you need power to see hundreds of meters.

There are even colored flashlights, ultraviolet with which you can play or small format to read and illuminate in case of emergency like a blackout. In addition, the LED technology has made the flashlights have evolved for a few years and are lighter, cheaper and have as many models as possibilities of use.

Characteristics of sports flashlights

The good thing about this technology is that it reduces the environmental impact and consumption since the LED lasts longer than the old bulbs, and that translates into less use of batteries. Of course, if you have the option of buying rechargeable batteries, it is best if you are going to use the flashlight for hours.

Focusing on sports activity, the question is, which is the flashlight that best suits your needs? To answer this question, one of the following factors must be taken into account.

Among the most important are:

  • The power.
  • The body. This aspect is decisive since size and grip are essential when buying a flashlight. The more comfort, the better quality of the materials will be much better. Keep in mind that there are materials such as steel that increases the weight of the flashlight, in the case of titanium it is like aluminum since they are lighter and durable, yes, titanium is more expensive, so it is recommended for activities in which you spend hours to return on investment.
  • LEDS It is the part that illuminates, you must choose some LEDs that offer high efficiency and at the same time have low consumption. One tip keep in mind the lumens or the light output. This unit that is indicated as lm is the power of each led and determines the amount of light that comes out of the lens to the outside. In addition, it is related to the efficiency and consumption of the flashlight. A powerful flashlight usually has 500 lumens, instead one for everyday use and small usually has between 15 and 60 lumens. Those of medium size between 80 and 200. From 200 to 500 lm are for flashlights of high quality and performance.
  • Grip and grip. This part is important since the light pattern and duration are of little value if the flashlight is grasped and is uncomfortable. The key is to choose one that uses small batteries type AA / 14500 or AAA since they fit in your pocket and have good power. There are also lithium, but they are more expensive and difficult to find. If you need comfort, tactical or military flashlights are not recommended, since they are quite heavy. Of course, they are very resistant and light up a lot.

Based on these factors (especially the size and use) a flashlight should be chosen according to the activity that is practiced. If you usually practice running at night, trail or walks it is advisable to use a front as it is placed on the forehead and offers freedom to move comfortably.

A place where you can buy, buy and choose flashlights is

They are also ideal for camping, yes, keep in mind that they are for individual use. They also serve to go fishing as they offer freedom to throw the rod and collect the pieces without problems.

Tips for touring Formentera by motorcycle


Formentera is an island located in the Balearic Islands. With a population slightly higher than 12 thousand inhabitants, it is one of the great tourist destinations nationwide. Tour Formentera by motorcycle It is a true experience for the senses.

The island of Formentera, despite being very small, has a very wide variety of landscapes, as well as secret corners that surprise everyone who knows them: dream beaches, cliffs, traditional villages, etc. A place to enjoy a few days of vacation to the fullest.

What are the best tips for touring Formentera by motorcycle?

One of the first aspects you should think about is how to get to the island from the Peninsula. You have two great options. On the one hand, you can arrive by ferry from Denia, taking your own motorcycle on the boat. And, on the other hand, you can go to the island by plane and rent a motorcycle in Formentera with companies like Without a doubt, the second one is a better alternative since it is a great time saver and, in addition, it is much more comfortable.

Formentera is a small island. Thus, a great idea is to stay on a larger and more active island, such as Ibiza, and spend a day or two visiting this one. It is more than enough time to discover all its corners on motorcycle.

Move around the island

The vast majority of people who reach Formentera choose to rent a motorcycle to tour the island. Gasoline consumption is minimal and, in addition, the distances between one site and another are very short (the distance from north to south is only 20 kilometers). You must be careful because in many cases the roads to access the coves are dirt and with hardly any signaling.

What to see in Formentera?

Formentera is a paradise for nature lovers. Declared a Biosphere Reserve, it has a large number of turquoise blue beaches that will make you feel as if you were in the Caribbean Sea itself.

  • Illetes Beach: There are many who point out that this is the most beautiful beach on the island. And they don't lack reason. The white sand is really spectacular and, in addition, the water is a very intense blue.
  • La Mola Lighthouse: One of the highest points on the island. An impressive cliff, almost 200 meters above the sea. One of the main attractions of Formentera, and it is worth visiting at dawn.
  • Cap de Barbaria: one of the great sites of interest of the island, both by the road that reaches it and by the lighthouse by the sea.
  • Molí Vell de La Mola: a mill that represents the most traditional and authentic side of Formentera. You can visit its interior to know its operation.

Formentera It perfectly defines the true essence of the Mediterranean. An island that gives off peace and tranquility, where you will get disconnected from the routine and enjoy.

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Live football matches. Do not miss them!

Live football matches. Do not miss them!

Only football lovers, and they are quite a lot around the world, know the anguish of knowing that they are broadcasting a live game from their favorite league, or from a football event from any division or from any place on planet earth and, they cannot see it because at that time they are very busy, or they do not have a television on which to watch it. It feels a truly inconsolable sensation, which only true sports fans understand, as it is considered by many.

But, you don't have to be a diehard or paranoid fan to be interested in developing some of the favorite leagues in Europe or other latitudes, it is simply that football is part of the culture of the vast majority of the Spanish population And, anyone would be happy to have at their disposal an application on their mobile device or computer, with which they can watch Soccer Online, at any time and in any place, not just the additions.

In fact, it is a trend that has more and more followers, because nobody wants to stay out of the football wave, except in these troubled times where a healthy source of distraction is required, which, in addition you can enjoy in the company of your family and friends.

Turn your mobile device into your favorite soccer channel

If you have a mobile or Tablet with Android technology, you have already taken the first step to always keep an eye on the football matches that will be transmitted, but yes, you must know the schedules very well so as not to fail the transmission time. Thanks to your personal technological tool, to which you can download the sports APP that offers greater and better benefits, You can enjoy live and direct the football event that you are following carefully.

In Google Play, you will find various APPs, which, most of them, will give you the option to subscribe for free and without legal complications, to access them easily and safely. You must be attentive, because There are many illegal websites, which do not respect the rights contemplated in the organization and development of a tournament; Some may refuse to understand these prerogatives and it is because of this type of attitude that the communicational aspects of the various organizations of the International Football Federation (FIFA), such as UEFA, are becoming increasingly stringent.

Even if you do not consider with caution and detail the application that you are going to download on your mobile or your computer, you run the risk of being infected by a virus that, possibly, can inevitably destroy your operating system.

So that, We recommend that before downloading an application you determine which league you want to track or, if you want to cover any football event you can, either close to your location like the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the Spanish League, or the most relevant leagues in other countries of the world such as the Premier League or English League, the Italian League, the Bundesliga or German League, Mexican League, Argentine League, Brazilian League, or anyone where the foot ball is played.

What is the best APP to watch Soccer Online?

The first thing to consider is which league our favorite team is playing; every good fan should do it. Find out if there is a sports channel or channel, which has the exclusivity of broadcasting those games, because, most likely, that channel has an APP for Android or a computer via Streaming.

But if you are a football fan in general, you should have an application that covers more football events, which transmits the games, but also offers summaries of the standings and even opinion programs.

We can opt for download Mobdro, a well-known application worldwide, where you can access any sports channel, for free, and to watch online games watching television from your mobile device. Not only the Spanish league, but also any match scheduled by the UEFA Champions League and any other place in the world where good football is played, such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, among others. This application, you have to download it directly from its page, not through Google Play.

By downloading Splive TV, you have a good guarantee that you will not fail as a fan to your team, since it is considered one of the best applications, with which you can enjoy free, live and direct, but also, broadcast, the games of all leagues worldwide. This APP, nor download it from Google Play, but from its page.

An application that does you can download through Google Play, it's Livestream, in which you can also see from your mobile or tablet with android technology, football online for free. Of course, one of the requirements to access all the programming is that you must register, but that is why it is still a good alternative
Finally, we can also suggest the use of Veetle, which also falls into the category of the most popular applications for its sports content, especially to watch football matches live and direct. To install it, you must install another application with “unknown sources”, since it is not available on Google Play.

megan stelljes – ZURIRED NEWS

1x1.trans - megan stelljes

megan stelljes

Orange, bananas. A theme of artistic food making my way. A hilarious, colorful and beautifully executed work by American glass artist Megan Stelljes. Art has always and always been present in his life.

Making art with your hands is where I find your passion.

Exaggeratedly reactive to his surroundings and his work is a direct reflection of this. From the moment he moved to Washington from Kansas, his art has developed as a response to the cultural contrast between the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest.

He uses his art as a way to explore his values ​​and emotions that are continually influenced by new times and changes in social scenes.

He is responding to these changes through his statue and jewelry, with an aesthetic inspired by popular culture. His designs are frequently presented through dreams. Then he starts drawing and refining a form, and begins to create each piece as an object to accumulate.

He began working with jewels and glass together to exaggerate everything he loves on glass: the way he catches and reflects light, his supersaturated colors and his attractive glow.

megan stelljes

How to properly assemble a curriculum vitae? |

Getting a good job is not an easy task, especially when the position you aspire to achieve depends on an interview, which will be more what you expect to be received than the time you spend talking with the interviewer.

Nerves, cravings and a sea of ​​emotions is what you experience before, during and after the encounter that can define a before and after in your life. However, even if your presentation in the interview is regular for different reasons, it is your resume that can save you.

The idea of ​​assembling a resume correctly is to surprise and make the manager of that company, owner of a construction or editor of a newsroom that is you among all other applicants, the best choice for the position.

If you are looking to create a resume that stands out, here are some tips.


  • The first thing to keep in mind is that we cannot extend ourselves, a good resume shows our best job characteristics in a summarized way. A recruiter or hiring manager lasts at least six seconds reading a resume which means that if you don't see something that catches your attention you will be one more of the bunch
  • Not having only one but several versions of your CV. That is, do not make generic resumes. Adapt the CV to the company, institution, foundation, etc. to which it will be applied. Remember that it is not the same to send a resume to an editorial than to a university
  • Find default CV templates on the internet, preferably not very colorful or flashy.

Template_CV "width =" 640 "height =" 905 "srcset =" 640w, wp-content / uploads / 2018/10 / Template_CV_5-212x300.jpg 212w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px "/></p>
<h2><b>Fill a curriculum vitae</b></h2>
<p><span style=near your name, put your specific position so that the one who reads it knows what you do.


The image is everything in the labor field above all things. A good photograph projects seriousness and professionalism, it is necessary to be a card type and white background.


In the skills section you must specifically put those that that employer or job requires. In other words: the specific skills they look for in the company.


Specification regarding academic training. You must put what career you studied and in which university or institute. Subsequently an addition with courses, seminars or other studies.

Very detailed work experience

Where is the company, what does the company do and what positions have we held? Specify if you have taken charge of manager or boss as it is a feature that always stands out.

Interesting data

Additional skills you have without having a diploma; For example: Portuguese can be understood without speaking it, as well as computer science without being computer science. This addition also applies to put if you have a car or availability to travel, for example.

The use of keywords

Read the job description to adapt and / or modify the document for the specific position; Example: you are looking for an accountant position, not necessarily because it says “ Accountant '' in your resume means that you have what the company is looking for, so you must read very well and detect the keywords of your professional profile and the sector in which You want to work, so you can make the relevant changes in your CV to get that vacancy.


A resume is always a proposal and that's why you should customize it; A QR code that this person can locate with your cell phone and that takes you to your blog, website or YouTube channel with your projects and to realize that they have to do with your field, is a very interesting element.

Also, if you are an industrial designer and want to be noticed you can intervene your picture with a cartoon.

Very interesting elements that will differentiate you from the rest. Most of the time the applicants put very similar things in their CVs and it is difficult for the employer to decide between them.

Do not repeat data

The economics of language is necessary above all in the curricula, do not repeat the same information, it does not contribute anything and it is a space that you can use in something else.

If you apply these tips the next time you create a sure CV you will be closer to that position that you so long for.

cv employee flz

Importance of Digital Marketing in SMEs

Importance of Digital Marketing in SMEs

Digital marketingIt will be important enough when the Community of Madrid offers aid such as “Industry 4.0”To promote and modernize infrastructure and industrial activities from the year 2,017 and until 2,025. The importance of Digital marketing for companies comes hand in hand with these grants for Digital Transformation, from 40,000 to 300,000 euros are waiting for your request.

It can not be otherwise, if you modernize your industrial structure you also have to do it with your staff, you need new specialists or on the contrary outsource such service as a Marketing Agency or failing to hire services from Community Manager How could a Freelance be?

I hope you are not one of those who thinks that the Digital marketing It is just the website and social networks of your company and that's it. No, there is much more. You have to have the help of an expert to advise you and carry out the necessary actions to achieve the objectives of the company.

Even though that him Digital marketing It is a powerful tool for SMEs and we are increasingly familiar with the use of such tools, not everyone has the ability to handle it correctly. For this same reason we recommend for these cases, hire or outsource, outsource, services with a Online Marketing Agency. These companies will save you time and money if you can't afford to have your own platforms.

Everything that is outsourcing services will optimize costs and therefore the performance of your Online Marketing. We do not create administrative links with the employee and we do not have the associated costs, leave, vacations, absenteeism, seniority etc.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing, since its scope of action is internet, it is a large set of commercial actions that are carried out in order to publicize your company, sell a product or service, launch a promotion, acquire users, build loyalty … Dissemination, growth and positioningsimply.

The importance of Digital Marketing in SMEs

Main features

  • Affordable costs, depending on the chosen channel, it is surely much cheaper than television or radio spots
  • Thanks to the concept of “cloud", capacity of audit in real time the results and correct possible deviations
  • Custom segmentation of our potential customers, therefore greater accuracy in our campaigns being more effective

That is, a greater capacity for control and correction for our campaigns that provide more flexibility and dynamism to all our marketing actions.

Bet on the online advertising. Make a mix of media combining traditional advertising, mailbox, leaflets etc with online advertising. Promote yourself directly to those who are looking for you through search engines

Available tools

  • Your own Web page, a successful design and interesting content will make your business grow
  • Search engines, Google, Bing etc, position yourself in them in the first places will take off your internet business
  • Social networks, you can measure the degree of communication with your customers with their comments and criticisms
  • Web page advertising with traffic interested in your subject
  • Email Marketing, to get those customers interested in your content, newsletters and periodic newsletters

There are many more, but you should get to know them when you start with them, they are the most common and economical and not less powerful. Then will come the Street Marketing, MUPI´s, Webinars, contests, raffles, other social networks and more…

Everything you need to know about roof windows –

Now that you have finished renovating and conditioning your attic, the next step is to install one or more windows on the roof. By reading this article, you may find some answers to your questions.

Legislation and regulation

Have you been dreaming about VELUX windows? For information purposes, the creation of this opening in the roof is regulated with great precision by the regulations. For example, a declaration of work to the municipality is mandatory. And I even think I remember that houses located in classified and protected areas must apply for a building permit.

Otherwise, for the people who are co-owners like me, the approval of the agency in question is also required. This is understandable since this type of work changes the exterior appearance of the building. I remember how delicate and difficult this task was, since I didn't get along with my neighbor.

windowFrom then on, you should also be concerned about the vis-à-vis standards. In fact, although they are placed on the ceiling, these windows are subject to the same requirements as conventional windows. To respect the privacy of your neighborhood, a distance of 1.90 meters must be respected if the attic window gives a correct view of your property. Otherwise, by 0.60 meters if the view is oblique. And it goes without saying that you are exempt from this obligation if your roof window overlooks an empty lot, a wall or a street, even if the latter is very busy.

Awning in Velux

Installing a window in the living room of your new attic will bring radical changes to your attic. That is why I advise you to carefully weigh the pros and cons before starting work. In addition, this project still has a cost. As far as I am concerned, the question did not even arise. This great change was inevitable for these additional square meters to be habitable.

Everything you need to know about roof windows

It was the only way to illuminate, ventilate and ventilate the area naturally. Facing the sky, in summer and winter, the roof window finally allows you to enjoy natural light for a long period of time. Besides, I really needed it in this dark and dingy room, since I established an office space and a reading area. The room has not only become very bright, very bright, but also brings a touch of modernity and aesthetics reinforced by my interior design.

In short, all are advantages for me. The only disadvantages were the work to be done and the need to hire a professional. But you will quickly forget these inconveniences as soon as you realize the benefits of the changes made by this opening in your attic. But be careful, summer days will be hot in this room. And to remedy this stifling heat, I invested in blinds. Roller blinds, Venetian or pleated blinds…. There is something for everyone, so enjoy it!

Best ideas to invest in Condominiums in Playa del Carmen

Living in a condominium seems to be the preferred option for real estate buyers in Playa del Carmen. This is because there are many benefits of owning a condominium.

Why invest money in Condo in Playa Del Carmen?

Let's take a look. If you are looking for “the boat Playa del Carmen” condos for sale, you will notice that many complexes and properties have great amenities. Choosing a condominium in Playa del Carmen is like buying a complete package. Most of the condos have a pool, common areas, gyms, etc.

You will need to take note of a monthly maintenance fee, but the benefits are definitely worth the money! Living in a beautiful condominium complex in the heart of Playa del Carmen. Living in a condominium complex is nice because you will meet your neighbors and start building a whole family.

Sometimes it is difficult to be away from home, but feeling comfortable in your surroundings and making good friends can change your whole perspective and make you feel at home. Choosing to buy a condominium in Playa del Carmen may prove to be the most profitable route. Although you can find condos that vary in size, condos can definitely be a cheaper option, especially if you want to buy with a smaller budget.

Buying a condominium in Playa del Carmen for rental purposes, buying a condominium in Playa del Carmen is a good option for those who are interested in earning rental income. In general, those who go on vacation prefer to rent a condominium instead of a single-family house. This is because most of the time they prefer to be in a central place. Depending on the size of the group, a single-family house can be too spacious and expensive. Deciding to buy a comfortable two bedroom / two bathroom condo in Playa del Carmen, located a short distance from the beach and 5th Avenue, can make you gain good rental potential.

Some condominium owners in Playa del Carmen even offer guaranteed rental programs to make you feel more comfortable with your investment.

Invest in an Exclusive Condo in Playa Del Carmen

Located in the exclusive Coco Beach residential area, The Boat is a short walk from the beach, very close to the famous Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen in the center of the Riviera Maya.

The boat Playa del Carmen is an invitation to appreciate what the Caribbean Sea has to offer from its depths. The challenge was to create an abstract concept of the typical elements of a ship to reflect them in a contemporary building, without becoming an exact replica. The architectural language refers to the ship in a subtle way, which goes back to the maritime life. The play of materials, texture, lighting and environment play an extremely important role in enriching the feeling of living under the boat.


  • Roof top with Sky lounge
  • Infinity pool
  • Water mirror
  • Fitness center
  • Underground parking
  • Reception / Concierge
  • Lobby / Reading center
  • Commercial premises

Prices from $ 142,140 usd with 30 m2 to $ 618,000 usd with 196 m2.

Preferred Luxury Real Estate is a real estate agency specializing in only selling luxury properties in Puerto Cancun Mexico, we have all the experience to provide exclusive investment opportunities for its clients through a personalized service.


We both know that dresses are the most worn in summer. Even in August is a good time to find that unique piece that will mark this season. Because, let's face it, many times finding something "different", something with authentic, feminine style, is not easy with so many brands and stores trying to get our attention and position ourselves.

megganestampado dress "width =" 792 "height =" 1024 "srcset =" 792w, https: // 232w, .jpg 768w, 560w, /08/vestido-megganestampado-80x103.jpg 80w, 600w, /wp-content/uploads/2019/08/vestido-megganestampado.jpg 1100w "sizes =" (max-width: 792px) 100vw, 792px "/></div>
<div>You know that I am always alert, and that is why today I tell you my latest discovery: that with their physical and online stores they bring us <strong>very interesting clothes, current, feminine and with unrepeatable purchase conditions.</strong></div>
<p>Remember <strong>the extra guarantee that means that physical stores like CKCModa also have their online store</strong>. In this case it has 3 physical stores in Spain! Two in Burgos, and one in Segovia. For those of us who are not lucky enough to be there, the online store is not far behind in aesthetics and wonderful products.</p>
<p>Do we take a walk through their dresses so you can check the style they spend?</p>
<p>In their physical and online stores you can find clothes for all seasons, but today we will see these women's printed dresses that can be the pieces that will make you shine in the Summer, Autumn and of course Spring.</p>
<p>Ibiza-style dresses, colorful, or vaporous prints and spectacular falls are the ones that best adapt to summer dates. <strong>All the fun, the parties, the beaches, the sunsets, the trips … They live more intensely when your looks accompany you. Being comfortable and beautiful is the essence of summer.<br /></strong></p>
<p><img class=

Because when a dress becomes our favorite, we try to extend its use as much as possible over time. It is not a matter of putting more hours, but To accompany us for more months. And, if possible, in more events.

For each season and occasion we can combine them with different jackets, shoes and accessories.

Being printed, any plain color of jacket or jacket, handkerchief, purse etc. will be perfect.

The best to highlight, or a somewhat unusual color, or the striking style ibicenco. Already the length and prints will make us differentiate. But look something that gives us light (like color) or a unique style (the beautiful skirt) is the kind of detail that speaks of our taste and know how to dress personally.

Short dresses like good things

Not only does the long triumph.

Noon and afternoon become eternally hot, and they get along much better with a cooler and lighter dress.

They also keep the advantages of being able to be used in any season: with stockings, boots, a pretty scarf, a knitted coat or a long neutral sweater will also be perfect in the Fall.

printed dress

Both in the office and outside the office, the style they bring you according to the shoes, accessories and hairstyle can be incredibly versatile. The great advantage of prints (no matter if they are vichy paintings or flowers) is that any smooth American helps soften them and give them the touch of seriousness you need at work.

With a change of jacket, you're ready to go for tapas.

printed dress

You will not regret investing in these printed dresses for your wardrobe. With other simple accessories and different styles You can get the most out of your travel, work or friends days.

Thanks for reading, below more post.

Remember to be part of the club by subscribing to the crazy!


President Nixon was prepared in case Apollo XI had never returned

In the year of 1999 it was learned that the former president of United States, Richard NixonHe had a speech prepared for the event that a tragedy occurred with the astronauts and they did not return from their expedition to the Moon in 1969. His advisors worked to find the most appropriate words and They prepared a speech that for many decades remained hidden.

The text was titled "In case of lunar disaster", and said the following:

“Destiny has ordered that the men who went to the moon to explore it stay in it to rest in peace. These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, they know there is no hope that they will be rescued. But they know there is hope for humanity in their sacrifice.

These two men are giving their lives in favor of truth and understanding. They will be mourned by their families, their nation, the people of the world and the Mother Earth, who sent two of his children to the unknown.

In ancient days, men looked at the stars and saw their heroes in the constellations. In these modern times, we do the same, but Our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood.

Others will follow in their footsteps and return. The search for man will not stop. But they were the first, and so we will remember them in our hearts. Since every human being who looks at the Moon in every night to come you will know that there is a corner in another world that will forever be part of humanity. ”

Fortunately, the mission was a success and, instead of expressing condolences, Richard Nixon he called them from a phone in the White House in Washington, while they were on the lunar surface to congratulate them for having done this great feat.

This is certainly the most historical call that has been made since the White HouseNixon told the astronauts, more than 300,000 kilometers away. For what they have done, the heavens have become part of the world of man, and while they speak to us from that sea ​​of ​​tranquility, they inspire us to redouble our efforts to bring peace and tranquility to the land.