If you feel like discovering the world as a backpacker, with a limited budget, you should know that it is a fantastic idea. It is an enriching experience that, in addition to taking you to places that perhaps you had not even imagined before, will help you grow as a person. Now you know what are the things you can't miss on your trip?

Things you can't miss on a backpacking trip

Extreme battery

Surely you plan to take your mobile phone on the trip. And, in addition to calling, you will have luxury to take photos, guide you, take notes, etc. If you don't want to run out of battery at the worst time, you should bring a Extreme battery. Depending on the charging capacity of your device, you should choose a battery with which you can at least make two full charges.

First aid kit

The first aid kit is something that cannot be missing in your backpack during the trip. So that it is not too heavy, carry only the most basic medications: stomach protectors, painkillers, mosquito repellents, melatonin and strips.

Backpacker Insurance

As for the backpackers insuranceThere are different policies that adapt to this type of travel. You must choose one that includes the following clauses: trips of several weeks or months are covered, it is valid worldwide, it offers coverage in expenses of: medical assistance for illness or accident, repatriation and sanitary transport.

In addition, it is advisable that the policy you hire covers the expenses or procedures related to the baggage theft, cards or documents.

Another aspect that you should value is the fact that you should cancel the trip in the last moment. Backpacker insurance should return the canceled reservations you have already paid.

Neutral soap bar

Depending on the country or area you are going to travel to, a neutral soap bar It will come to you luxury. So you can wash your clothes frequently, without having to be aware of finding a laundry. It also has several clothespins to hang the washed clothes hanging from the backpack and thus dry with the sun.

Water treatment tablet

When you take a trip as a backpacker, surely in more than one occasion you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, no access to drinking water. Thus, it is best that you include in your backpack a box of

water treatment pills. In addition to taking up little space, they spread a lot because with a single tablet you can drink a liter of water.


Of course the Lantern It is essential on such a trip. The best thing is that the flashlight comes built into a ribbon that you can place around your head so that you can have both hands free.

Universal charger

If you have thought tour different countries, sure you appreciate carrying a universal charger in your backpack. This way you make sure you can charge your electronic devices anywhere.

These are all things you can't miss on a backpacking trip. Do not forget!

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