Best ideas to invest in Condominiums in Playa del Carmen


Living in a condominium seems to be the preferred option for real estate buyers in Playa del Carmen. This is because there are many benefits of owning a condominium.

Why invest money in Condo in Playa Del Carmen?

Let's take a look. If you are looking for “the boat Playa del Carmen” condos for sale, you will notice that many complexes and properties have great amenities. Choosing a condominium in Playa del Carmen is like buying a complete package. Most of the condos have a pool, common areas, gyms, etc.

You will need to take note of a monthly maintenance fee, but the benefits are definitely worth the money! Living in a beautiful condominium complex in the heart of Playa del Carmen. Living in a condominium complex is nice because you will meet your neighbors and start building a whole family.

Sometimes it is difficult to be away from home, but feeling comfortable in your surroundings and making good friends can change your whole perspective and make you feel at home. Choosing to buy a condominium in Playa del Carmen may prove to be the most profitable route. Although you can find condos that vary in size, condos can definitely be a cheaper option, especially if you want to buy with a smaller budget.

Buying a condominium in Playa del Carmen for rental purposes, buying a condominium in Playa del Carmen is a good option for those who are interested in earning rental income. In general, those who go on vacation prefer to rent a condominium instead of a single-family house. This is because most of the time they prefer to be in a central place. Depending on the size of the group, a single-family house can be too spacious and expensive. Deciding to buy a comfortable two bedroom / two bathroom condo in Playa del Carmen, located a short distance from the beach and 5th Avenue, can make you gain good rental potential.

Some condominium owners in Playa del Carmen even offer guaranteed rental programs to make you feel more comfortable with your investment.

Invest in an Exclusive Condo in Playa Del Carmen

Located in the exclusive Coco Beach residential area, The Boat is a short walk from the beach, very close to the famous Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen in the center of the Riviera Maya.

The boat Playa del Carmen is an invitation to appreciate what the Caribbean Sea has to offer from its depths. The challenge was to create an abstract concept of the typical elements of a ship to reflect them in a contemporary building, without becoming an exact replica. The architectural language refers to the ship in a subtle way, which goes back to the maritime life. The play of materials, texture, lighting and environment play an extremely important role in enriching the feeling of living under the boat.


  • Roof top with Sky lounge
  • Infinity pool
  • Water mirror
  • Fitness center
  • Underground parking
  • Reception / Concierge
  • Lobby / Reading center
  • Commercial premises

Prices from $ 142,140 usd with 30 m2 to $ 618,000 usd with 196 m2.

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