Keys to choose flashlights that adapt to all sports activities

Now that summer is coming, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the hours of sun and the energy that these months give us to perform all kinds of exercises and sports activities. In fact, the months of June, July, August and September allow nature to escape to disconnect from day-to-day routines. Mountain […]

Importance of Digital Marketing in SMEs

Importance of Digital Marketing in SMEs It will be important enough when the Community of Madrid offers aid such as “Industry 4.0”To promote and modernize infrastructure and industrial activities from the year 2,017 and until 2,025. The importance of Digital marketing for companies comes hand in hand with these grants for Digital Transformation, from 40,000 […]

Everything you need to know about roof windows –

Now that you have finished renovating and conditioning your attic, the next step is to install one or more windows on the roof. By reading this article, you may find some answers to your questions. Legislation and regulation Have you been dreaming about VELUX windows? For information purposes, the creation of this opening in the […]

President Nixon was prepared in case Apollo XI had never returned

In the year of 1999 it was learned that the former president of United States, Richard NixonHe had a speech prepared for the event that a tragedy occurred with the astronauts and they did not return from their expedition to the Moon in 1969. His advisors worked to find the most appropriate words and They […]