Debt settlement creates new opportunities to move forward


Many times it can happen that the debts that accumulate, cause a real dilemma in people, and an effective solution to that dilemma cannot be found.

As much as one strives, if the money is not enough to be able to pay off those debts, they will cause an accumulation of an irresolvable problem with no possibility of recovery.

Go to experts in insolvency problems

Currently, people have a new opportunity that the law offers them to rebuild their financial lives. It is a law made especially for those who are in a state of insolvency and urgently need to solve these problems. These are cases in which the law firm Debtor's Defense He has experience and specializes.

Experts in insolvency problems

This law firm specializes in all the problems that come with debtors not being able to adequately solve their insolvency problems, through legal assistance. The client is helped to carry out all the processing to be able to cancel his debts through the Law of the Second Opportunity, so that it can be economically driven towards new projects.

Any debtor in this situation needs the advice of legal representatives who are specialists and who offer experience. This office has available to its clients the most outstanding lawyers in financial, mortgage and second chance by means of said law.

Characteristics of the Second Chance Law

The law entered into force in 2015, and serves to reduce the financial burdens of people who cannot meet their payments. In a nutshell, so that any debtor of certain amounts of money, can request the cancellation of the debt or also the exemption of the same. Its main objective is to provide a new opportunity to those who failed in their endeavors, both labor, personal or business, and who can recover so that they can try again.

This is what the Second Opportunity Law, of a second option to be able to make new agreements with creditors, exonerate or settle debts. This excellent legal tool allows people, as the law says, to have a second chance to channel their personal and financial lives.

The Debtor Defense Law Firm will put your experience into action for the process. As a first step, and in an extrajudicial manner, the lawyers will try to renegotiate the debt, and if it is not successful, it will be requested that it be exonerated before the corresponding authorities. In the case of succeeding on the aforementioned petition, controls will be carried out in the economy and other measures that will review the debtor's accounts.

Beneficiaries of the application of this law

The law for a second opportunity has been specially designed for individuals, freelancers, people of physical existence, consumers in general and families that have exceeded their expenses. Until the approval of the law in 2015, these people had to assume their debts with the assets they had in that present and “mortgage” their future.

From the entry into force of this new law, these people obtain the same facilities that companies that have solvency problems have when they present the bankruptcy proceedings.

The application of the law is on all debts, ordinary and subordinate, so that the debtor can have a new opportunity in his economy. The law follows the principle of patrimonial responsibility of the Civil Code, where a debtor who has good faith and is in a situation of serious insolvency, which was alien and unavoidable, can start over from scratch, and thus be able to channel his financial life .

In cases where the debts are those of a mortgage and the execution of the same is not enough to settle the debt incurred in it, the law allows the remaining balance to be exempted. That is, if the debtor delivers the property that is the reason for the mortgage, the law of the second opportunity allows him to pay off the remaining debt.

For all those people who do not know this law in depth and are in a delicate situation regarding their debts, they should not wait for the situation to become unmanageable. This law firm, specialist in this type of law, can advise on its scope, requirements and how to start over No debt and good faith.

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