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Now that you have finished renovating and conditioning your attic, the next step is to install one or more windows on the roof. By reading this article, you may find some answers to your questions.

Legislation and regulation

Have you been dreaming about VELUX windows? For information purposes, the creation of this opening in the roof is regulated with great precision by the regulations. For example, a declaration of work to the municipality is mandatory. And I even think I remember that houses located in classified and protected areas must apply for a building permit.

Otherwise, for the people who are co-owners like me, the approval of the agency in question is also required. This is understandable since this type of work changes the exterior appearance of the building. I remember how delicate and difficult this task was, since I didn't get along with my neighbor.

windowFrom then on, you should also be concerned about the vis-à-vis standards. In fact, although they are placed on the ceiling, these windows are subject to the same requirements as conventional windows. To respect the privacy of your neighborhood, a distance of 1.90 meters must be respected if the attic window gives a correct view of your property. Otherwise, by 0.60 meters if the view is oblique. And it goes without saying that you are exempt from this obligation if your roof window overlooks an empty lot, a wall or a street, even if the latter is very busy.

Awning in Velux

Installing a window in the living room of your new attic will bring radical changes to your attic. That is why I advise you to carefully weigh the pros and cons before starting work. In addition, this project still has a cost. As far as I am concerned, the question did not even arise. This great change was inevitable for these additional square meters to be habitable.

Everything you need to know about roof windows

It was the only way to illuminate, ventilate and ventilate the area naturally. Facing the sky, in summer and winter, the roof window finally allows you to enjoy natural light for a long period of time. Besides, I really needed it in this dark and dingy room, since I established an office space and a reading area. The room has not only become very bright, very bright, but also brings a touch of modernity and aesthetics reinforced by my interior design.

In short, all are advantages for me. The only disadvantages were the work to be done and the need to hire a professional. But you will quickly forget these inconveniences as soon as you realize the benefits of the changes made by this opening in your attic. But be careful, summer days will be hot in this room. And to remedy this stifling heat, I invested in blinds. Roller blinds, Venetian or pleated blinds…. There is something for everyone, so enjoy it!

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