Importance of Digital Marketing in SMEs


Importance of Digital Marketing in SMEs

Digital marketingIt will be important enough when the Community of Madrid offers aid such as “Industry 4.0”To promote and modernize infrastructure and industrial activities from the year 2,017 and until 2,025. The importance of Digital marketing for companies comes hand in hand with these grants for Digital Transformation, from 40,000 to 300,000 euros are waiting for your request.

It can not be otherwise, if you modernize your industrial structure you also have to do it with your staff, you need new specialists or on the contrary outsource such service as a Marketing Agency or failing to hire services from Community Manager How could a Freelance be?

I hope you are not one of those who thinks that the Digital marketing It is just the website and social networks of your company and that's it. No, there is much more. You have to have the help of an expert to advise you and carry out the necessary actions to achieve the objectives of the company.

Even though that him Digital marketing It is a powerful tool for SMEs and we are increasingly familiar with the use of such tools, not everyone has the ability to handle it correctly. For this same reason we recommend for these cases, hire or outsource, outsource, services with a Online Marketing Agency. These companies will save you time and money if you can't afford to have your own platforms.

Everything that is outsourcing services will optimize costs and therefore the performance of your Online Marketing. We do not create administrative links with the employee and we do not have the associated costs, leave, vacations, absenteeism, seniority etc.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing, since its scope of action is internet, it is a large set of commercial actions that are carried out in order to publicize your company, sell a product or service, launch a promotion, acquire users, build loyalty … Dissemination, growth and positioningsimply.

The importance of Digital Marketing in SMEs

Main features

  • Affordable costs, depending on the chosen channel, it is surely much cheaper than television or radio spots
  • Thanks to the concept of “cloud", capacity of audit in real time the results and correct possible deviations
  • Custom segmentation of our potential customers, therefore greater accuracy in our campaigns being more effective

That is, a greater capacity for control and correction for our campaigns that provide more flexibility and dynamism to all our marketing actions.

Bet on the online advertising. Make a mix of media combining traditional advertising, mailbox, leaflets etc with online advertising. Promote yourself directly to those who are looking for you through search engines

Available tools

  • Your own Web page, a successful design and interesting content will make your business grow
  • Search engines, Google, Bing etc, position yourself in them in the first places will take off your internet business
  • Social networks, you can measure the degree of communication with your customers with their comments and criticisms
  • Web page advertising with traffic interested in your subject
  • Email Marketing, to get those customers interested in your content, newsletters and periodic newsletters

There are many more, but you should get to know them when you start with them, they are the most common and economical and not less powerful. Then will come the Street Marketing, MUPI´s, Webinars, contests, raffles, other social networks and more…

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