Keys to choose flashlights that adapt to all sports activities


Now that summer is coming, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the hours of sun and the energy that these months give us to perform all kinds of exercises and sports activities. In fact, the months of June, July, August and September allow nature to escape to disconnect from day-to-day routines. Mountain excursions, hiking, water sports, swimming and snorkeling are some of the possibilities we have with heat and good temperatures. Of course, to do these activities you need both the desire and the necessary equipment to practice the sport discipline that suits us.

Flashlights for sports

One of these necessary elements in all types of activity is a flashlight, no matter whether it is day or night the flashlights are never too much to have some more lighting. A clear example is when diving is necessary to have light and for this we must have the best diving lanterns, unless you want to fish or take a picture at the bottom of the sea and can not because of lack of light.

The same happens if you are going to run through the mountain, and that is not all, a good sports lantern will help you for other moments such as camping, hiking, traveling, etc.

Flashlights are necessary in all kinds of situations, so it is necessary to choose one that suits our sports discipline, needs, range of light and luminosity. It is not the same to practice trail at night and need a front to go in the middle of the field in the dark and you need power to see hundreds of meters.

There are even colored flashlights, ultraviolet with which you can play or small format to read and illuminate in case of emergency like a blackout. In addition, the LED technology has made the flashlights have evolved for a few years and are lighter, cheaper and have as many models as possibilities of use.

Characteristics of sports flashlights

The good thing about this technology is that it reduces the environmental impact and consumption since the LED lasts longer than the old bulbs, and that translates into less use of batteries. Of course, if you have the option of buying rechargeable batteries, it is best if you are going to use the flashlight for hours.

Focusing on sports activity, the question is, which is the flashlight that best suits your needs? To answer this question, one of the following factors must be taken into account.

Among the most important are:

  • The power.
  • The body. This aspect is decisive since size and grip are essential when buying a flashlight. The more comfort, the better quality of the materials will be much better. Keep in mind that there are materials such as steel that increases the weight of the flashlight, in the case of titanium it is like aluminum since they are lighter and durable, yes, titanium is more expensive, so it is recommended for activities in which you spend hours to return on investment.
  • LEDS It is the part that illuminates, you must choose some LEDs that offer high efficiency and at the same time have low consumption. One tip keep in mind the lumens or the light output. This unit that is indicated as lm is the power of each led and determines the amount of light that comes out of the lens to the outside. In addition, it is related to the efficiency and consumption of the flashlight. A powerful flashlight usually has 500 lumens, instead one for everyday use and small usually has between 15 and 60 lumens. Those of medium size between 80 and 200. From 200 to 500 lm are for flashlights of high quality and performance.
  • Grip and grip. This part is important since the light pattern and duration are of little value if the flashlight is grasped and is uncomfortable. The key is to choose one that uses small batteries type AA / 14500 or AAA since they fit in your pocket and have good power. There are also lithium, but they are more expensive and difficult to find. If you need comfort, tactical or military flashlights are not recommended, since they are quite heavy. Of course, they are very resistant and light up a lot.

Based on these factors (especially the size and use) a flashlight should be chosen according to the activity that is practiced. If you usually practice running at night, trail or walks it is advisable to use a front as it is placed on the forehead and offers freedom to move comfortably.

A place where you can buy, buy and choose flashlights is

They are also ideal for camping, yes, keep in mind that they are for individual use. They also serve to go fishing as they offer freedom to throw the rod and collect the pieces without problems.

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