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megan stelljes

Orange, bananas. A theme of artistic food making my way. A hilarious, colorful and beautifully executed work by American glass artist Megan Stelljes. Art has always and always been present in his life.

Making art with your hands is where I find your passion.

Exaggeratedly reactive to his surroundings and his work is a direct reflection of this. From the moment he moved to Washington from Kansas, his art has developed as a response to the cultural contrast between the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest.

He uses his art as a way to explore his values ​​and emotions that are continually influenced by new times and changes in social scenes.

He is responding to these changes through his statue and jewelry, with an aesthetic inspired by popular culture. His designs are frequently presented through dreams. Then he starts drawing and refining a form, and begins to create each piece as an object to accumulate.

He began working with jewels and glass together to exaggerate everything he loves on glass: the way he catches and reflects light, his supersaturated colors and his attractive glow.

megan stelljes

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