They work on the development of zero waste plants

Large proportions of crops are discarded during or after harvest, including parts of the plant that contain proteins, fats and fiber and that could be reused for some purpose. Professor Luisa Trindade, a professor in the Department of Plant Science at the University of Wageningen (Netherlands) believes that these wastes should be disposed of, because "the world needs plants that can be used completely, until the last molecule."


Trindade wants to increase the valor of crop residues and is currently working on fiber crops, including Miscanthus (a genus of herbaceous plants belonging to the Poaceae family, is native to Japan and the Philippines). The research group has developed eight possible new hybrid varieties of Miscanthus that have been planted in 10 different places in Europe. Miscanthus has interesting properties such as high biomass yields and high CO2 capture that promotes soil quality.

Trindade has said that her goal as a breeder is to be able to use the entire plant. However, he cites the complex tomato plant as one of the challenges. "In the future, we will develop tomato varieties where total biomass is used for food and non-food purposes." The researcher outlines a future in which the stems and leaves of the tomato plant are edible.

At a time when the world's population is growing exponentially and the demand for food is increasing, Trindade believes that we should make the most of biomass. “This will include the development of new crops and the redesign of existing crops. But they will all be plants that we can use until the last fiber or protein molecule. ”

For more details, read the full article at the University of Wageningen.

Manage your business expenses with Expensya

One of the aspects that are more difficult and that make the management of a company more complex is the expense management. This is because there are many factors involved such as payment of orders, the generation of reports and refunds, among others.

For this, software designed to control this administration has been designed. Among these stands out Expensya. It is basically a tool that saves 80% of the time invested in making an expense note.

It works excellently to increase productivity and thus dedicate all possible efforts to grow in the market.

A software adapted to any company

One of the advantages that Expensya offers is that, unlike other expense management softwares, it can be adapted to the model and size of the company. This means that it does not matter if it is a startup, an SME or a powerful company.

Expensya is responsible for making administration much simpler, because it modernizes it. It has a smart recognition model that allows you to extract information from all invoices quickly and without waiting. It is also able to validate and control the expenses incurred.

adapted software expensya

Likewise, with Expensya, everything related to the recovery of taxes, the payment of tips, the cancellation of paid invoices, etc. is carried out in a simple way.

All of the above is achieved thanks to real-time business finance tracking. It is possible to know how the payment of expenses and the administration of costs from a smartphone is going. Expensya has an application that can be reviewed from anywhere, adapting its requirements to the business model chosen.

Invoices and tickets approved with the Tax Agency

The growth and recognition of Expensya has allowed it to develop much more specific functions. Among them, the possibility of digitize invoices and tickets on the platform, since this has a homologation with the Regional Tax Agencies.

This means that each invoice issued by the company is approved by the AEAT.

homologated tax agency invoices

In fact, in the last update of the Value Added Tax Law, indicates that all these documents must be stored for a period of five years. Then they can be discarded. However, for greater control and ease of location, Expensya keeps them for a period of 10 years.

The platform keeps all this information stored in order to create a safe environment for the company.

Integration capacity

As a differentiating factor, Expensya is ideal to integrate with the type of business including the entire payment management ecosystem, with its different variants.

Thanks to this, a company can manage any type of expense by using this application. This includes the reservation of trips, online contracts, digital commerce and any other accounting element that requires automation.

With Expensya, expense management is a simple task, easy to manage with a couple of clicks.

5 current feeding methods to lose weight

It is shown that some feeding methods They are highly effective when it comes to losing weight. Losing weight by modifying eating habits and without dieting is the most correct way to lose the excess fat. Want to know what are the 5 Current feeding methods for weight loss? Keep reading…

Healthy and varied diet to lose weight without tricks

Eating a varied and healthy diet, eating everything in moderation and not getting fat is what all those who wish to lose weight would like. Really it is possible to lose weight without diet, as long as the eating habits are adequate.

The key to being thin eating everything is in having a knowledge of nutrition and avoiding certain foods, such as refined sugars, saturated fats and excess carbohydrates.

Fasting or intermittent fasting

One of the most innovative and effective techniques to lose weight without diets is the intermittent fasting or intermittent fasting. But what does it really consist of? What are its benefits and why is it so effective?

Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective current trends in the field of nutrition. This method consists of combine feeding cycles with other fasting. The results are an improvement of health, increased metabolism and weight loss. There are no prohibited foods in this method, only when eating such foods or not.

The most common way to perform these fasts is to stop eating at 20:00, and not eat until the next day at noon. This form is known as 16/8, in which we reduce the time to 8 hours which are the only ones in which you can eat, prolonging the fasting period for 16 hours.

Mediterranean diet

The traditional mediterranean diet It is another of the best ways to lose weight without dieting. It is considered one of the best diets in the world, but it is not a diet, it really is a way of feeding.

This diet It is characterized by the use of olive oil, as well as the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, whole grains, among others. The key is in olive oil, which is rich in antioxidants (vitamin E), beta-carotenes and monounsaturated fatty acids. Taking this oil regularly reduces the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease by 30%.

Paleo Paleolithic diet or diet

Going back to the origins of the human being to lose weight is another way to lose weight through a change in nutritional habits. The characteristic of the Paleo diet is that it eliminates "modern" foods, limiting food to those foods that man could find in the Paleolithic, when hunters and food gatherers.

This diet is usually combined with a physical exercise plan, and emphasizes the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and in the complete restriction of processed and high-fat foods, which did not exist at that time, to, in this way, lose weight.

Speed ​​up metabolism

If there is a formula that really works to lose weight, it is the one of speed up metabolism. The metabolism can be accelerated by some foods, as well as some physical activities. Among the most effective ways to achieve this is the consumption of thermogenic foods, which are those that raise body temperature, favoring the elimination of fat.

thermogenic food infographic

Other ways to speed up the metabolism is by high intensity training interval or Hiit, or doing five meals up to date.

Of these five methods, which one do you prefer?

Trusted online herbalist Bioherbolario

Trusted online herbalist, Bioherbolario

Increasingly the number of people aware not only in caring for the environment but also in following a healthy and balanced diet and so get a healthier life. In addition the increased use of the natural cosmetics It grows exponentially year after year. In fact, according to the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists, the sale of these products increased by 20% between 2017 and 2018. Due to this, a trusted online herbalist as Bio Herbalist They are a great option to acquire all the necessary products in the most agile and simple way.

What can we find in our trusted online herbalist?

Years ago practically so it was going to a herbalist was to acquire natural products specially designed or designed to relieve specific pain (or at least that was my case). Today there is a wide variety of products to meet the needs and demands of its wide audience so we will list some of the products that can be found in a bioherbalist.

  1. Dietary supplements. In them we can include products for memory, diuretics, to control cholesterol, depuratives or even for the maintenance and growth of nails and hair.
  2. On the other hand we can find spagyric products. For those who do not know what you mean when we talk about these products, they are 100% natural products that are created by procedures such as distillation or fermentation. In this section we can find salts, essences, tinctures, precious stones or metals.
  3. In the penultimate place we can find a booming sector today, such as the cosmetic. As I said before, we are increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of our skin and the consequences of not doing so. Therefore, every time we look for natural products that prevent damage to our skin regardless of chemicals and artificial products. Items such as shampoos, day or night creams, lotions or cleansing milks are the star products of this section.
  4. And last but not least is the feeding. It goes without saying that we are what we eat and the secret to carrying a Healthy life is largely in having a healthy and balanced diet. That is why we turn to herbalists to buy seeds, oils, sweeteners such as Stevia and even cookies or breads. In addition, we must not forget the well-known "superfoods" such as Goji berries, Kale or quinoa.

Trusted online herbalist Bioherbolario

Superfood Recipes

Surely more than once you have searched for a recipe that contains some of these superfoods to incorporate them into your diet. To make it a little simpler, I leave you two hyper easy salads, appetizing to fight the heat, healthy and very rich.

Goji Berry Salad

Simply add tomato, lettuce, cooked egg and some berries Goji to have an ideal dish either as an entree or light dinner.

Quinoa and smoked salmon salad

If you are as unconditional fan as I am of smoked salmon, you will love this recipe. Ingredients as simple as quinoa, smoked salmon, tomatoes, various green sprouts and a good dressing with balsamic vinegar will make this salad your perfect dinner. Do not forget to wash the quinoa well before cooking.

Whether you already have a trusted online herbalist As if you were simply curious about this topic, I hope you found this article interesting. Thanks again and we read very soon with a new Wetaca review.

Trusted online herbalist Bioherbolario

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How to get customers online for a local store?

Today we are going to see the online marketing techniques more effective in terms of cost / profitability to get customers for a local store or shop in any city.

one-. To start off on the Internet, you have to have a space where the company's value proposition and what services the company provides is collected through audiovisual materials and texts. Logically, the better worked this website is, the better the point of view that the message to be transmitted will reach the customer better and will be more effective in terms of conversion of visits to sales. Therefore, basic and essential point: have a web page. It could even be in free subdomain type or if that were the case, since less is nothing, or even a Facebook fan page. But much better if it is a website made with wordpress hosted in your own domain and with a design, content and professional commercial proposal, designed for the client. When you make the web, ask them to make it SEO-oriented, taking into account the relevant keywords for your business, after previous keyword research.

two-. You have to measure the number of visits, the origin and the quality of them. Therefore, to that website you have to install a web analytics system to know the information regarding clients. The number of contacts that arrive and a long one will be that although in the short term it may seem that it makes no sense. If the campaign works and the company starts to see how the Internet is its main channel to attract customers, it will progressively deepen in the same as knowledge of online marketing increases. To begin with, it would be fine, a correct analytics configuration by the online marketing agency that takes internet marketing to commerce. This means, elimination of the parameters that generate spam in analytics through filters, segmented views, exclusion of visits from robots … as well as the configuration of the local currency, local time, enable the analytics retargeting functions and of course the creation of the analytical objectives depending on the website. PJ: visits to the contact page, sent forms, etc. And finally, the creation of personalized reports with the main indicators of interest and their programming so that they automatically reach the store by email at the beginning of each month.

commercial marketing

3. Once you have a website and we are able to measure the visits that come in. You have to start doing online marketing actions aimed at sending you visits to the business website. The simplest, cheap, fast and profitable is usually the one of create advertising campaigns in google adwords for search network buying the keywords of the products or services that are sold in local commerce.

If possible, it is a genuine and interesting business at the local level so that it is worthwhile for customers to approach a physical point of sale to validate the product and see if they like it, it fits them, etc. since if it is a product that It can be easily purchased at any online store at an even cheaper price so that campaign would make no sense. That is, you have to think carefully about what is going to be promoted and how to do it.

It is also very important that the adwords campaign is aimed only at the search network and not at the google adwords network display. Because to do well on the red display, you have to be a true expert in campaign management and be on top in order to get high quality traffic at a reasonable price. This last error is very common.

4. Create a google business listing, complete it with the maximum detail (photos, videos, inside photo report, schedules …) and get the highest number of opinions from your customers and positive friends about the company.

5. Advertise your main products and services in the classified pages (such as, vibbo,,, etc.) related to your category in order to get visits to your website, contacts and calls from interested people. Keep your most interesting ads updated as much as possible. They will be great sales generators. Consider paying the premium service if you see that you sell by yourself. Try to make it clear that on your website there is more information about the service or products that you sell, thus giving more aspect of professionalism as a seller.

6. Trust a specialized company to hire programmatic advertising to make you online advertising campaigns based on retargeting to all those people who entered your website. You can do retargeting on social networks (facebook ads, twitter ads, linkedin ads), on websites of related topics or on websites considered as premium, even on youtube and online television, for a very economical cost, generating a great image of Brand and professionalism.

7. Create a blog, a YouTube channel and your social media accounts. Write an article on the company's blog that contains a video uploaded to youtube recorded by yourself providing attractive content (if possible on the same website of the store), in a short time you will start to gain popularity both from free search engines, thanks to SEO, as for sharing it on social networks.

If you want to know more online marketing techniques, we recommend this article of Romuald Fons on how to attract more visitors to your website. It is pure gold. Watch video here: Remember to visit the pymemarketing blog daily to learn more news and tricks of online marketing.

How to treat anorexia or other eating disorders

How to treat anorexia or other eating disorders

Although in this post we take as an example the problem of anorexia, what we treat can be applied to any of the other eating disorders that exist: bulimia, compulsive eating disorder, rumination disorder, itching, etc.

Anorexia is a disorder that is not linked to food or weight exclusively. If the problem really was to have taken a few extra kilos, it would not cost us much to lose weight to lose them and solve the matter.

Continue reading the post on How to treat anorexia or other eating disorders of Blogodisea

The oldest Castilian text is not what was believed

More than a thousand years ago, the Castilian (son of Latin) began a tour of Castilian lands that has not yet ended.

"Gloss”Means“ explanation, extension or, simply, comment on a text ”. Of great linguistic importance are the Emilianenses Glosses – of the monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla – and the Silenses – of the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos.

In the Emilianenses (the famous Codex 60) one of the first complete phrases in the Romance language appears. From the historical point of view, they have been dated between the end of the 10th century and the beginning of the 11th century. For many years the Emilianense Glosses were considered the oldest written texts in Spanish, setting in La Rioja the cradle of our language.

Page 72 of Codex Emilianense 60 with the gloss on the side
Page 72 of the Emilianense Codex 60 with the gloss on the margin.

Narratively, you are
Glosses consist of interlining annotations in Latin, Romance and Basque, which
they contain the life of the saints, a missal and sermons of St. Augustine.

Why did a copyist monk mutter a Latin codex from good to first? Surely for pedagogical reasons, to clarify the meaning of some linguistically obscure passages.

The Kesos Nodice

The cathedral of León houses a very short text, of barely fifty words scribbled to two columns on a scroll and written in a proto-Castilian: Nodicia de kesos.

The Kesos Nodice
The Kesos Nodice

This text has been dated in the year 959 and, therefore, prior to the Rioja text. It seems that the author was a monk named Ximeno, the dispenser of the Monastery of Saints Justo and Pastor, from the community of La Rozuela (León).

The Kesos Nodicia is basically a list of groceries, an inventory of cheeses (hence the name). There you can read:

“List of the cheeses that Brother Jimeno spent: in the work of the friars, in the vineyard near San Justo, five cheeses. On the other of the abbot, two cheeses. In which they put this year, four cheeses. In Catrillo's, one ”.

The experts who have
analyzed consider that it is a reflection of the accounting of the cheeses
consumed from the beginning of spring until the work of the

Valpuesta Cardboards

In the province of Burgos, under the shelter of the Sierra de Árcena, the Monastery of Santa María de Valpuesta was built. There amanuenses monks wrote some cartularios there by the ninth century.

Valpuesta Cardboards
Valpuesta Cardboards

The Cartularios or Calves of Valpuesta They basically collect donations of material goods – land, equipment or livestock – from individuals to the monastery, in exchange for spiritual goods, how could a funeral or masses be in his memory.

These writings are called Gothic Becerro – written in gothic letters – and Galician Becerro – written in Carolina or Galicana letters. The word "kaballos" appears in them – instead of caballum-, mill – instead of mulinum– or "iermanis" – where it should appear frater-.

In 2010, with the blessing of the Royal Spanish Academy, La Rioja was dynamited as the cradle of Castilian, a title that became the province of Burgos.

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Customize your Nissan Qashqai in Divensa

In order to enjoy maximum pleasure in front of a Nissan vehicle it is important to have different options in the form of extras. If you are interested in buying accessories for the Qashqai, you should know that Divensa has all the manufacturer’s product catalog so you can customize the best-selling SUV in Spain to your liking.

The Japanese manufacturer continues to bet heavily on its Nissan Qashqai, which stands out for a Great value for the price, which has made it stand out above many other models of SUVs that can be found today in the market.

Since the first Nissan Qashqai arrived in the market in 2007, few could imagine that this vehicle was going to become a reference within the world of SUVs, a model that is available with different diesel and gasoline engines to respond to the needs and preferences of each user.

It also has different levels of finish, specifically five. On the one hand there is the access range, the finish Visia, which includes intelligent elements such as roadway and track control, as well as the Autohold system for automatic vehicle immobilization and the five-inch Nissan Drive Assist display.

The next level is the Accent, which has a seven-inch screen compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as dual zone climate control, rear view camera and 17-inch alloy wheels. Then there is the version N-Connecta, which also includes intelligent protection shield, NissanConnect navigation system, 360-degree vision camera and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Above we find the finish Tekna, which has different elements such as LED headlights with AFS, 19-inch alloy wheels and parking assistance; and the top of the range corresponds to the version Tekna +, which in addition to the above has heated front windshield, panoramic sunroof and leather upholstery in seats that can be adjusted electrically and have memory function.

However, to get a unique copy of a Nissan Qashqai It is advisable to consult its extensive catalog of accessories, in which you can find:

  • Rubber mats
  • Shark fin antenna
  • Baca for Nissan Qashqai without roof rails
  • Aluminum side bars
  • Aluminum roof rack for Nissan Qashqai without roof rails
  • Roof racks for Nissan Qashqai with roof rails.
  • Flexible boot base.
  • Snow chains
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Trunk Trim
  • Rear bumper trim
  • Chrome rearview mirror trim
  • Rear window trim
  • Removable tow hitch
  • Fixed trailer hitch
  • Wiper Blade
  • Side stirrups in aluminum
  • Textile carpet set
  • Brush set
  • Sports pedal kit
  • Temporary replacement wheel kit
  • 7 pin trailer hitch electric kit
  • Kit for electric mirrors
  • Tires
  • Crossover chrome pack
  • Elegance chrome pack
  • Chrome Style Pack
  • Nissan Universal bike carrier
  • Ski carrier / portasnowboard
  • Front bumper protectors
  • Rear bumper protector
  • Door guard
  • Boot guard
  • Trunk separation rack
  • Etc

In this way, by going to Divensa, anyone who wants to can find all the customization packages that you may need, as well as the rest of accessories and complements that allow you to increase the comfort level of passengers, as well as the driver himself.

These accessories are available for Nissan Qashqai models since 2011, so check availability for each particular model.

collection of free tools to edit and convert PDF

DeftPDF "class =" wp-image-54436 "srcset =" 900w, -content / uploads / 2019/07 / DeftPDF-300x228.jpg 300w, 768w "sizes =" (max-width : 900px) 100vw, 900px "title =" DeftPDF

I continually add to this blog sites like DeftPDF, I will continue doing so because I consider them very useful.

It is, once again, a page that brings together a large collection of tools online for edit and convert PDF documents.

As in previous cases, all the tools we can find on this site are available for free.

To use DeftPDF It is not mandatory that we register, although I recommend it to be able to manage your files more comfortably.

For those concerned about privacy, mention that the files remain safe at all times and are removed after being processed.

This new option is one of the most complete and that offers us a greater number of tools to work with PDFs.

All kinds of tasks with PDFs in DeftPDF

This page allows us create a PDF document from a template blank, but it's their editing and conversion possibilities those that stand out.

The available tools They are organized into four categories, these are some of them:

  • Compress and merge: mix and toggle, combine and reorder, compress, merge.
  • Sign and edit: delete pages, edit, sign and fill in, footer and header, generate invoices, translate, unlock, protect, rotate, watermark, etc.
  • Convert: PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, PDF to PPT, PDF to Excel, PDF to text, PDF to ePub, HTML to PDF, JPG to PDF, OCR, Word to PDF, etc.
  • Divide: by pages, by size, extract pages, bookmarks, text, etc.

All the tools you need to perform multiple tasks with PDF files in one place.

Access the editor and PDF document converter

To use the tools available in DeftPDF, you just have to visit this site full of tools to edit and convert PDFs.

The site is available in multiple languages, all of them also include Spanish.

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🥇ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres, New All-Inclusive Luxury Hotel in Mexico

The innovative hotel chain of ATELIER It has different brands of hotels such as: OIL, MET, ATELIER and soon, specifically in October 2019 will feature STUDY which will open a new hotel in Playa Mujeres called STUDIO Playa Mujeres.

Who knows this great hotel chain, knows that its fundamental values ​​are the productivity, passion, emotion and commitment. Given these values, who would hesitate to stay in one of their hotels?