What is Reiki?

Almost a century ago, Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist invented the alternative medicine therapy known as Reiki, which is based on the presence of a universal energy field related to a life force inherent in any living being… Continue reading

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3D drawing pen Create crafts with 3Doodler!

3D pen or 3Doodler 2.0

Had you heard of 3Doodler 2.0 or 3D pen? If I had never heard of this object in ShowMeTheViral We tell you what it is about. The 3Doodler 2.0 or 3D pen is a pen that allows you to make three-dimensional drawings in the air. How? It allows you to do this because works with a type of plastic called PLA and that the pen is responsible for generating thin strands of plastic, such as 3D printers, which dry quickly and have more hardness (it does not differ much from a thermal glue gun). It's amazing! You can't imagine what you can do with this 3Doodle and its use is very simple. It is ideal for anyone who is passionate about art because with this pen you can turn your work around, it also comes in handy for all those students who may require this type of innovation or professional architects …

If you have a good spatial perception and a lot of art you can get to create true wonders from glasses, bowls, figures, a building … countless things if you really want to, but this 3D pen not only serves to create something from nothing, you can also use it to fix some plastic objects; decorate pictures, frames, the wall or any other object, and all this is possible since the plastic (made with a plant base) with which this pen works It is ideal for drawing on a wide variety of surfaces such as windows, metals … As this is a new and revolutionary product, it is recommended that when you start using it you practice on flat paper structures, do not worry because your design will not stick to the paper, you can lift it without any problem and then when you have already caught the trick you can Make your designs and creations freehand. It is comfortable and easy to hold, the pack offered by the page regalador.com It includes, apart from this amazing pen, 50 PLA ​​strands so that you start to unleash your imagination.

3D pen or 3Doodler 2.0

Create a wide variety of objects with this amazing 3D pencil. If you are not given to art this could be the perfect gift for that friend or artist friend, make him stay with his mouth open giving him this wonderful 3D pencil. Get one on Amazon.es by clicking on 3Doodler 2.0 or visiting the regalador.com page

Review & Evaluation: Pen to draw in 3D

  • Utility – 7.5 / 10

  • Originality – 8/10

  • Product quality – 9/10

  • Delivery time – 10/10

  • Price – 9/10

  • Availability – 7.5 / 10

  • Seller Reliability – 10/10

8.7 / 10

Product Summary: 3Doodler 2.0

Create, design, repair, paste … with this 3D pen or 3Doodler 2.0, it is an innovative product with which you can give free rein to your imagination because you can make three-dimensional drawings in the air either by helping you on a flat base, using some mold or simply by freehand. Get one of these 3D pencils on Amazon.co.uk

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Free Seo Course in GoKoOM

Is the course free? The answer is yes, only to access it, you must first pay a subscription to their tools. Once you have the paid subscription, the course is completely free. I have to say that the course is quite basic, although as you progress through the agenda, things get better. For […]

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Bikinis and swimsuits summer 2019 ⋆ Beauty blog

The good weather is here and we begin to think about the summer, the swimming pool … that's why today I bring you as every year the post of Bikinis and swimsuits 2019.

Although it may not seem so because it is still too early there are already many stores with bikinis on, we just have to find the right one, so I bring you the best of each store:

Summer bikinis Yoins 2019:yoins bikinis and swimsuits 2016

On the web >>> Yoins, they have many bikinis, most of them very original and quite cheap, you just have to press the size button and put them in Eu, so that you can mark those of Europe.

The first bikini I show you this brand is white and with very cool strips, but you know the best is its price of € 9.11. When you buy on this page remember to change the currency to the euro, you can do it in the bar above and it is all super cheap, you can see this bikini in >>> White bikini summer 2019.

The second Yoins bikini is pink and it is the style that is being seen the most for this summer. It has braids on the neckline and there are more colors, its price is € 9.11 and you can see it in >>> Pink bikini braids.

Finally of this brand I show you this black, which is ideal for those girls who want to go comfortable to the beach and pool, with this type of bikinis you have no problem leaving the water and having to always be sure that everything is in your site

The good thing about black bikinis is that if we get tired then we can combine it with the top or bottom of any other we have. Its price is € 9.12 and you can see it in >>> Comfortable black bikini

unequal bikinis 2016

Desigual Bikinis:

The second bikinis are from «La la la la la, I'm always unequal»That song is too catchy to name the brand and not remember. The first and last bikini are quite normal like the typical triangle but with very summer and original prints. Both bikinis are priced at € 29.95.

Regarding the second bikini that I teach you from unequal, it is a triangular cup bikini with tropical motifs. We can tie it both to the neck and back and the price is the same as the previous ones.

kiabi summer 2016 bikinis and swimsuits

Kiabi Bikinis:

In kiabi they have many bikinis and swimsuits especially for children they have them in a thousand ways. But for women too, the good thing about kiabi is that you can combine sizes, for example a 38 below and a 42 above or as you like.

The first thing I teach you about kiabi is a swimsuit with its back in the air Black, it is very feminine and there are several colors. Its price is 10 euros.

Bikini with flounced chest and bandeau. Although they are not seen it has rings and whales for a better support of the chest. The price of this bikini for summer 2016 is 12 euros.

In kiabi they have many bikinis for large sizes or real women Like this one that is very elegant, its price is 18 euros, they are a bit more expensive.

And here the post of swimsuits and bikinis for summer 2016, I will bring you more news but I do not want the post to become eternal, and you have just had enough bikinis.

What do you think about bikinis for this summer 2019? Do you renew or do you already have?

I believe it, women's clothes with a purpose | Pinklia

Clothes empower us, it is one of my great beliefs. Recently I found myself a clothing brand that, as a value proposition, carries a message so that the woman feels confident about herself, her body and being who she is. It is a dialogue about the relationship that women have with their body, that falls in love with itself, regardless of the aspirational beauty and perfect measures idealized in society. It is about creating a healthy relationship with the body that starts from thinking and fighting with beliefs that even go beyond ourselves, through the garments that this brand proposes.

«I BELIEVE IT» fashion in this new collection presents us with different basic garments, which can be seen a little more formal with certain touches such as elegant jackets or heels. It also has a sporty face with fun women's sweatshirts and in vibrant and youthful colors, which can be used for a transitional climate, at the time autumn begins and the weather begins to be more temperate.

Susana and Ana are the designers and creators of this brand and focused on garments with a bohemian style that is clearly seen in dresses, with a romantic touch and very comfortable, inspired by women who are prepared for everything, are in love with life and They have a great ingenuity to make their look something different and they see in each garment endless possibilities, managing to wear a simple dress for sightseeing in a different city or go out for a drink at night.

Actually this bohemian style is more than a trend, it is a way of life that has its roots in an ideology that goes beyond and seeks a different way of dressing. This style as a way of dressing is associated with the costumes used in the 60s and 70s, a time in which revolutionary ideas – women's rights, gender equality among others – were projected in the young people's daily dress. However, the Bohemian style began much earlier, at the beginning of the 19th century as an opposition to the cultural and ideological values ​​established in society.

Currently garments and accessories with a marked bohemian style make this trend a phenomenon that follows the lines of casual, relaxed fashion, with loose clothing or that fit the body naturally and ethnic or at least artistic accessories, which project A free lifestyle. «I BELIEVE IT» fashion carries in its DNA that free spirit and that each woman breaks her limitations and feels safe of her body and who she is.

The color palette of the latest collection is very versatile in white, cream, olive green, red and softer tones such as pastel blue, pink and sand, colors that are seen a lot on the beaches of Ibiza. The fabrics are soft cottons that remind us of an era where life was simpler and simpler. For a more summery and beachy look, neutral tones such as white, cream and sand can be combined with turquoise or coral.

Vape, the new fashion to quit smoking

People, Adult, Smoke, Performance

Vaping has become one of the most popular and innovative ways of smoking today, being a very popular practice among young people who want to have a better experience of the moment of smoking, since it not only allows you to enjoy much more pleasant flavors than those offered by conventional cigars, it also has less negative health effects.

The truth is that electronic cigarettes are nothing new, since for more than a decade they went on the market, but thanks to the fact that the latest models have changed some of their characteristics, these have become a very popular option among smokers or People who are thinking of starting to smoke.

In this way, it is clear that the recent success that the vapers have seen is not because they are new, but because new vaping technologies have been developed that have limited some of the adverse effects of nicotine. With these more modern models the experience of vaping has changed to be able to offer a better experience to all its users.

Since 2008 electronic cigarettes began to go through some interesting changes. Before, many models were sold that were very similar to traditional cigars, being a simpler way to attract traditional smokers. But later there were new changes known as “MOD”, a model that had some substantial changes in terms of battery handling, since these could be modified according to the preferences of each user regarding the different steam outlets. Although these were very popular among young people, the market for conventional smokers was not attracted to them.

Then came more modern models known as EGO2, which are lighter and more stylized, similar to a feather. But the truth is that today you can find a large number of different models, each with its own characteristics and functionalities, which is why these increasingly resemble devices that make smoking a different experience.

Can vaping help smoking?

We already mentioned that vaping produces less damage to health, but that does not mean that it does not cause any damage, since they still have certain levels of nicotine and other substances, although to a lesser extent than in traditional tobacco.

However, new studies have revealed that vaping can be an excellent alternative to quitting smoking, or for smokers to spend more time without smoking.

In fact, the study found that even people who did not want to quit smoking ended up realizing that vaping was a more pleasant experience than conventional cigarettes.

Caiitlin Notley, principal investigator of the Norwich School of Medicine of the UEA, commented that “electronic cigarettes are at least 90% less harmful than conventional cigarettes, besides they are currently the most popular method to quit smoking in the United Kingdom". This is because it helps reduce anxiety about not smoking a traditional cigarette and gives the body lower amounts of nicotine, gradually decreasing the addiction.

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Trade shows, plan to get the most out of them I cde I

Every idea that gets underway needs constant momentum. Every company requires different forces that, pushing in the same direction, make their progress possible.

Therefore, because opposing action forces result in the absence of movement, It is essential that the commercial efforts are aligned with the general objectives of the company. And although it is very obvious, it often happens that commercials go one way, and the factory or other departments go the other way. And when this happens, efficiency is lost.

It is convenient that the commercial and marketing actions of the company are planned, precisely to serve the objectives of the company.

In the field of business planning is vital and, although we must also have the capacity to improvise, it should be affected as little as possible of actions and departments.

In the same way that it would not seem advisable to any of us to improvise in economic or financial matters, the same is true of commercial actions.

Among the most common commercial actions, attendance at trade fairs is what, surely, need more planning, among other reasons because the first task is Select the most appropriate fair.

If you want to sell, publicize your products and services in an environment of potential customers or distributors, choose well. Because there are many trade fairs but it is not enough that you keep the name of the fair, which in theory responds to the sector called, but it is important that you contrast with news, through suppliers or customers who comes to the fair and if you really It is the right place to let you know and achieve contacts that can become customers or really professional distributors or agents.

It is of no use to go to a firefighting equipment fair held in Shanghai if you find that it is not aimed exclusively at professionals, and that it is focused on forest fires, when your business is of powder extinguishers, those used for buildings.

Strive to select the fair that suits you, and plan your assistance with time. Keep in mind that many of them have biannual character and that not always finding an accommodation or the car you need, at reasonable prices, is easy.

In Madrid, for example, finding a place on the AVE or on the plane, on certain dates, is impossible if the fair is close in time with periods such as Holy Week.

If you have already verified that your company has to be present at a specific fair, Choose the person who will be responsible for organizing everything you need and give all the necessary information to do it effectively. That she be the one who assumes the organization of the fair regardless of whether, to do so, ask for opinion or help from other people.

Issues like the dimensions of the stand, its location, or the need to have certain devices have to be the starting point to hire the stand. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the same translate into costs but if three people from your company will attend the fair and in addition to serving potential customers they will show at the stand some of the products, additional meters will be necessary to have enough space.

The location is also important. It is not the same as your stand in front of the access door to the pavilion where the fair is held that is right in the last corner of the natural route.

The stand is an extension of your company and you must take care of its decoration with your corporate image, using exhibitors, displays or counters. It is preferable that the space is not reloaded and that the images and texts are easily visible even with poor lighting. In material for fairs there are options that may be interesting because, being flexible materials, you can easily transport and assemble them at different events and their reuse is guaranteed.

Choose with time the images and texts that you are going to use to attract new customers and remember that this material should be at the fair in advance. If you are also going to send a product to the stand so that customers can view it, verify how you are going to transport it and remember that it will be a temporary export because it will be brought back. If you lack experience, you can check with the Chamber of Commerce, ICEX, or any of the transport and logistics companies that are used to making and managing these shipments.

further you will have to prepare and send the promotional, technical and commercial material that you expect to give to your visitors.

Attendance at the fair will require specifying how many people will attend, how they will travel, how many days, where they will be staying and how the maintenance will be organized. Plan trips, hotels, the need or not for visas, etc.

At this point it is possible that your forecast of expenses exceeds the allocated budget. Do not worry. If you have good planning, you have time to change any of the previous choices and adjust it. If, on the contrary, you have been improvising, you can find that you will have to pay for the accommodation or flight of your commercials much more expensive. Or that you will not be able to choose another stand, or that you have to reduce the number of people attending.

And do not forget to use your assistance to the fair to promote yourself among your clients, for example through the newsletter, or through your website, as a press release.

Do not go with the idea that you will bring effective sales under your arm. The results will arrive although not immediately.

The fair is the opportunity to let you know and get the contact details of potential customers. For this reason, it is important that you collect all possible information from the contacts you make: company, landline and mobile phone, email. And not only from your potential clients, but also from the companies that have attended the fair. Some will be competition and should be known, but others may be companies whose products and services are complementary or with which you can collaborate.

The work does not end with the fair. That is when you have to remember with calls and written communications that we are there. And only after a few months, when you can quantify not only what it meant financially to attend the fair, but the sales achieved as a result of the contacts obtained, will you be sure if it was worth it.

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