Debt settlement creates new opportunities to move forward

Many times it can happen that the debts that accumulate, cause a real dilemma in people, and an effective solution to that dilemma cannot be found.

As much as one strives, if the money is not enough to be able to pay off those debts, they will cause an accumulation of an irresolvable problem with no possibility of recovery.

Go to experts in insolvency problems

Currently, people have a new opportunity that the law offers them to rebuild their financial lives. It is a law made especially for those who are in a state of insolvency and urgently need to solve these problems. These are cases in which the law firm Debtor's Defense He has experience and specializes.

Experts in insolvency problems

This law firm specializes in all the problems that come with debtors not being able to adequately solve their insolvency problems, through legal assistance. The client is helped to carry out all the processing to be able to cancel his debts through the Law of the Second Opportunity, so that it can be economically driven towards new projects.

Any debtor in this situation needs the advice of legal representatives who are specialists and who offer experience. This office has available to its clients the most outstanding lawyers in financial, mortgage and second chance by means of said law.

Characteristics of the Second Chance Law

The law entered into force in 2015, and serves to reduce the financial burdens of people who cannot meet their payments. In a nutshell, so that any debtor of certain amounts of money, can request the cancellation of the debt or also the exemption of the same. Its main objective is to provide a new opportunity to those who failed in their endeavors, both labor, personal or business, and who can recover so that they can try again.

This is what the Second Opportunity Law, of a second option to be able to make new agreements with creditors, exonerate or settle debts. This excellent legal tool allows people, as the law says, to have a second chance to channel their personal and financial lives.

The Debtor Defense Law Firm will put your experience into action for the process. As a first step, and in an extrajudicial manner, the lawyers will try to renegotiate the debt, and if it is not successful, it will be requested that it be exonerated before the corresponding authorities. In the case of succeeding on the aforementioned petition, controls will be carried out in the economy and other measures that will review the debtor's accounts.

Beneficiaries of the application of this law

The law for a second opportunity has been specially designed for individuals, freelancers, people of physical existence, consumers in general and families that have exceeded their expenses. Until the approval of the law in 2015, these people had to assume their debts with the assets they had in that present and “mortgage” their future.

From the entry into force of this new law, these people obtain the same facilities that companies that have solvency problems have when they present the bankruptcy proceedings.

The application of the law is on all debts, ordinary and subordinate, so that the debtor can have a new opportunity in his economy. The law follows the principle of patrimonial responsibility of the Civil Code, where a debtor who has good faith and is in a situation of serious insolvency, which was alien and unavoidable, can start over from scratch, and thus be able to channel his financial life .

In cases where the debts are those of a mortgage and the execution of the same is not enough to settle the debt incurred in it, the law allows the remaining balance to be exempted. That is, if the debtor delivers the property that is the reason for the mortgage, the law of the second opportunity allows him to pay off the remaining debt.

For all those people who do not know this law in depth and are in a delicate situation regarding their debts, they should not wait for the situation to become unmanageable. This law firm, specialist in this type of law, can advise on its scope, requirements and how to start over No debt and good faith.

Tony Stark: Iron Man – The Cave of the Wolf

Tony Stark: Iron Man is a series of comics that started in early 2019 and tells us the return of Tony Stark as Iron Man. Riri Williams has taken his own style with the "Champions", and it's time for the waters return to your channel, but has everything returned to normal? Well it won't be that easy.

This is a review of the first 11 numbers before the series plunges into the great event of "War of the Realms." And it presents us with a lot of new technology, and a fascinating vision of Science Fiction from the Marvel Multiverse.

Tony Stark: Iron Man trailer

A trailer for a comic? That's right, it is already something of the most common. Now not only comics have a trailer, even books have them, how are you?

The Tony Stark Iron Man Screenplay

This story comes from the hand of Dan slott, who comes from writing Spider-Man for ten years with great success. And now he's not only writing Iron Man, but he's also dedicating himself to the Fantastic Four. That is to say that this author is in charge of two of the most loaded Marvel stories of Science Fiction. And indeed this new story of Iron Man, comes very full of futurism, high technology, and in general a lot of Science Fiction of all kinds.

It starts with Doctor Andy Bhang, who briefly rivaled Tony during a robotics competition when the Avenger was just a child. But Stark contacts the Doctor again to work with him on Stark Unlimited.

This character will be our eyes in this new stage, and will help those who do not keep up with all the events of the Marvel Multiverse, we can understand something.

In the first numbers the progress of events goes quite slowly. I would dare to say almost to number five. Therefore it seems to me that it is an excellent time to get on this story. However, from there the events accelerate at great speed, and you have to pay close attention because otherwise one can get lost.

Among the interesting details, and without spoiling too much, I can mention:

Artificial intelligences that feel marginalized by society, serve as a vision of the current Social Justice movements from a different perspective.

Nanotechnology, transhumanism, virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D printing. In its beginnings the concepts and ideas of Iron Man were always very advanced for its time. This story brings us back to that current, including all these recent technologies and much more.

In addition War Machine is also back, Tony has a new biological mother, a brother of Tony reappears who seems to be as great as this, and our protagonist has a new romace with Janet Van Dyne, AKA The Wasp …

Tony Stark: Iron Man - Fin Fang Foom

The Art of Tony Stark: Iron Man

By Valerio Schiti with the collaboration of Gang Hyuk Lim. These artists do a great job of showing us the spectacular Iron Man armor, and all this variety of new technologies that abound in this comic.

I think they have a lot of fun when they show us the multitude of Virtual Universes that appear in this story. But perhaps the most fun is the moments when they show us those cartoons with the classic Iron Man. I am sure that the artists enjoyed it as much as the readers.

However, like the story, the first numbers did not stand out as much. We must wait for the most advanced chapters to see how this team of creatives brings out all their talent.

Tony Sark Iron Man 1


For those of us who enjoy Science Fiction, these first eleven numbers are very attractive. However, it is clearly a prelude to when the action starts strongly in War of the Realms, the new great Marvel event.

The Social Justice discourse is a bit tired for me, but it seems to me that the author knows how to portray it well when he introduces us from the subject who simply does not want to offend anyone, to the absolute fanatic who exaggerates everything and is consumed by his ideology.

Interestingly, it also seems to "humanize" Tony Stark, by showing us a character with more defects, fears and weaknesses. A subject that despite its incredible genius, is still human.

In general a recommended reading, although it is necessary to be patient during its first episodes.

If you are interested in purchasing this comic, you can find it on Amazon:

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Remember to also share our articles with your friends, they will surely enjoy them too, and you will be helping us to reach more people, thank you very much.

Scytl Barcelona: towards sustainable elections

Climate change is a reality, although many want to believe that it is not. The latest news on the subject is not encouraging, rather the opposite. It is a time bomb with the counter set back capable of exploding at any time.

There is hope? The answer is yes, but we must change many of the habits we currently have and it has to be among all citizens, because the world belongs to each and every one of the inhabitants of the planet, so we must put our shoulders.

What can governments do?

In addition to all the measures that can be taken on a personal level, from each one's home, there are some that must go directly through the governments of the different countries. There are many political parties that propose in their electoral programs the inclusion of measures to combat climate change, but is that all they can do?

One of the biggest premises is to lead by example. This happens by changing the way in which electoral campaigns are organized, for example. The impression of electoral propaganda is less and less common among parties that include measures for climate change in their programs, but there are still many more measures that can be taken. The total elimination of advertising printing or doing it in recycled and biodegradable materials It would be a good point to begin with. We must reduce all that propaganda that ends up becoming garbage. Something we don't need anymore, of course.

Recycled and biodegradable material

The environmental cost of organizing elections

But it's not just political propaganda, it's also the elections. Preparing elections is an immense cost, both economic and environmental, but from the outside it is difficult to see the magnitude of the impact. We will go into more detail. Starting with useless expenses, it is necessary to talk about ballots and envelopes. By law, there must be a minimum number of ballots for each party depending on the census. But these will not be spent all, logically, since each citizen can only put one in each envelope. The remaining material will end up being discarded once the elections are over.

On the other hand, we have the logistics expense of the entire organization. Half of this process is not contemplated, but organizing elections means enabling a space (normally, a polling station) where you can hold the elections, transport booths where to vote more secretly to all schools or pay the diets to staff Who attends the elections. But without any doubt, the greatest impact is caused by the manufacture of the ballot boxes, which are made of plastic. At this point, we can say little about this extremely harmful material for the planet and its inhabitants.

Electoral garbage

As we see, opting for digital propaganda is not the only measure That can be taken about it. Avoiding all the material expense of organizing elections in the traditional way is the giant step that the planet is asking for right now.

The sustainable alternative: Scytl Barcelona

The electronic vote is positioned as first alternative to the environmental disaster caused by conventional elections. The pioneer in this field is the Catalan Scytl, responsible for organizing both public and private elections for almost two decades.

What Scytl proposes is a new way to vote, accessible to all the public (of voting age, of course), more secure and auditable. And, what interests us most is that it is a much more sustainable method. The printing of envelopes and ballots without knowledge and the mass production of plastic ballot boxes is over.

Scytl Barcelona online voting

How does the online vote of Scytl Barcelona work?

It is much simpler than it may seem at first glance. The voter may exercise their right to vote from home or from anywhere in the world with an online voting system. Let's look at the voting process step by step:

  • Each censored person will have your own credentials to go to the authentication process.
  • Once the credentials are authenticated, voters must wait for a response from the server as the vote has been successfully processed.
  • The vote is kept secret at all times thanks to encryption. The voter must sign digitally as they agree with this process before proceeding to the issuance and subsequent vote count.
  • The Scytl online voting system verifies that All votes cast have valid content before moving on with the process.
  • Once the voting is over, it is the moment of mixing. Votes are mixed digitally to break the correlation between votes and voters. In this way, the vote is always kept secret.
  • The votes are deciphered and that is when the counting begins. Qualified electoral personnel are responsible for this counting process., ensuring that there is no publication of the results ahead of time.
Voting process at Scytl Barcelona

This voting system guarantees maximum safety and speed in the process, besides being much more environmentally friendly. Without a doubt, a great advance for the planet already looking towards the future.

What it is and how to adapt to improve our health

Contents of this article

During sleep you have to go through a series of essential physiological stages to have good mental and physical health. These stages are known as the REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement) Y deep or non-REM sleep phase. The circadian rhythm It is a kind of biological clock that regulates these physiological functions of the organism so that they continue their cycle on a regular basis.

What is the circadian rhythm?

The circadian word it comes from the Latin word "circa", which means "around", and "diem", which means "day", so means "around the day". Its meaning has a lot to do with its function, which is to regulate the changes in physical and mental characteristics that occur throughout a day. That is to say, It is a kind of biological clock of the organism. This clock is in the region of the brain known as the hypothalamus.

The circadian rhythm is established during the first months of life and is the one that control any of the daily biological ups and downs, such as temperature, blood pressure and hormone segregation. After is totally responsible for the regulation of sleep and wake cycles.

The brain associates light with greater physiological activity

Sleep and vigilance are associated with light stimuli. The brain associates light with greater physiological activity, while in the dark these functions are inhibited. If this period is not used to rest, there will be an alteration of the biological rhythm that could negatively affect the physical and psychic health. This is because the individual suffers doubly, first by remaining active during the natural lethargy phase and, second, by the effort of sleeping during the activation phase.

Factors that influence circadian rhythm

As we mentioned earlier, the light is what marks the circadian clock when it comes to falling asleep and waking up. For this reason, if you sleep in a room in which, for whatever reason, light enters at night or near mobile or electronic devices that emit it, there could be a delay in the natural period of sleep induction, interrupt it or hinder it.

Sleep disturbance

The daily routine also marks the body some schedules. Unconsciously the brain marks a kind of schedule that will influence sleep and wakefulness. For this reason it is very important have more or less similar sleep schedules for every day of the week.

And finally, adequate melatonin levels will be those that produce or eliminate the feeling of drowsiness. When it gets dark, the level of melatonin increases to induce the individual in sleep. Instead, with the light the levels decrease to wake him up. This function helps the sleep cycle to be synchronized with the solar and night cycles.

All this means that to adapt the lifestyle to the circadian rhythm and for the body to be able to produce adequate levels of melatonin you have to sleep in a place where there are no light stimuli during the night and you have to have a more routine sleep or less similar seven days a week.

Rest properly

What time is best to go to sleep?

One study found that we are more likely to fall asleep between 2:00 and 4:00 and between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. This can give an approximate idea of ​​the ideal moments to sleep of the circadian rhythm. Although these hours may always vary depending on the individual and his routine.

If you experience difficulty sleeping despite having a more or less marked routine, you will have to eliminate all kinds of external stimuli from the room, exercise and change the diet.

A bed to sleep and enjoy

Author: admin

The bed is one of the most important elements of the house and where it is more worth investing for a quality one. The reason is quite clear and basically, we spend a third of our life sleeping in a bed. A person who lives 100 years has spent more than 33 years sleeping on his bed. Being such a high amount of time, it is very important that a comfortable and good mattress is available for our body and, in addition, if the bed is beautiful and has good clothes, much better.

Concern in the search for a better bed, has made more and more users interested in buying an articulated bed. These articulated beds are associated with the sick and the hospitals, but, in fact, they are a perfect option to read or watch TV in bed with total comfort, without having the need to be sick to enjoy it. These special beds have special articulated mattresses, which facilitate all those kinds of movements that they can carry out. If you find it interesting, fortunately it is becoming easier to find several models online and stores such as have a great variety in this regard.

How you can improve an articulated bed your rest

An articulated bed is the best option to rest. Depending on what you need, whether you raise your head a little or raise your feet so that they can rest more easily, you will have the possibility with the press of a button.

Another advantage that these articulated beds have is that, in their marriage version, the height of the bed can be regulated independently, so that the couple can always be comfortable at their side of the bed, without take into account the tastes or preferences at that time of your partner next door.

Having a bed and a quality mattress are necessary to enjoy a better rest and good health. By spending so much time in bed, during so many years of life, a bad posture or a bad form, you can end up producing backaches, deviations in the spine or all kinds of problems associated with it. In this way, investing in a quality bed and mattress is investing in health.

Rest is more than necessary and thanks to a good one, we can perform more easily during the next day. In this regard, two important things should be highlighted. First, the lost dream never recovers and second, do not confuse sleep with rest. Sleep can be carried out anywhere, but rest can only be achieved in a quality bed. The difference the next day is more than remarkable and with the passage of time, all these factors influence the quality of life of the person.

Avoid scares in energy consumption on your electricity bill

Certain electric companies offer under the heading of "flat rate of light" deceptive formulas. The consumption of a flat rate of light is not associated with an independent fixed price but is necessarily linked to it.

This implies that, by definition, there cannot be a flat rate to use as would happen with other services such as the Internet (in which fixed fees are paid even though our consumption fluctuates).

There are two ways to pay a flat rate for electric spending.

The first, paying a fixed fee decided by the consumer and compensated at the end of the year, receiving or contributing an amount based on what was spent.

On the other, flat rates that refer to a fixed kWh price, a more realistic model that companies like Factorenergy.

A commitment to fixed flat rates and their benefits

Having a fixed fee, as we have mentioned, does not guarantee paying less. The differential fact is to have a fixed price in relation to kWh. In this sense, it is convenient to bet on a flat rate of light to avoid surprises.

These types of services offer discounts not on fixed rates but, as indicated, on the kW / hour. The calculation of the amount Your bill is divided into two parts, your consumption and contracted power, to which they are added additional services (for example, Green Energy, with which we will receive a certificate from the National Securities Market Commission that guarantees that the origin of our electricity is from renewable sources), the accountant rental if necessary and, of course, taxes.

Flat flat rates and their benefits

On the other hand, other types of relevant factors that we must take into account are included. We can highlight the home assistance service to have assistance and contact with professionals in emergencies.

Another factor that differentiates a large electric company that exclusively seeks profit through ambiguous and unclear messages is the commitment to permanence.

An electric company that cares about its customers does not force you to sign permanence commitments, but rather trusts that they will stay with them for the good quality of their services.

Flat rates and other synonyms savings tips

Although it is evident at this point, that the price of kWh is fixed means not paying too much to consume energy during peak hours. The price of electricity is not the same at all hours.

In consecuense, These types of rates avoid scares on the bill at times like summer, when we leave the air conditioning on at all times out of necessity.

But we must consider others tips to save on our electricity bill and they have daily application.

Although it is evident, the main one is to take advantage of sunlight. It is a light that, unlike the artificial one, does not harm our eyes.

On the other hand, replacing our halogen bulbs with low-consumption LED bulbs will cause our consumption to go down and, moreover, their lifespan is longer.

With regard to appliances, it is convenient that when buying a new one we check if they have an energy label A or A +, which will mean greater efficiency and savings over the months.

Finally, it is recommended that if we are not going to be in a room, we turn off the lights and all the appliances that are in stand by that, little by little, they can accumulate a great expense.

In short, saving on the electricity bill is available to anyone today. You only need to inform yourself and keep in mind that the language used in marketing sometimes does not faithfully reflect reality. If you want a flat rate to really save, keep in mind the information we have provided here.

Discover how to make money through trading and the stock market

Technology allows access to a large amount of information and for those who wish to invest in the stock market, they now have the opportunity to do so thanks to the different platforms that are responsible for generating an interface that will allow them to invest and earn.

Technology has entered into several aspects of our life, bringing with it countless benefits that have allowed us to move forward and get better results more practical and faster.

Before, when talking about the stock market and the profits that could be obtained through it, we thought of those men in suits who spent the whole day analyzing numbers to make an investment.

However, it is now possible for anyone to access the information necessary to know when to do and when not to make an investment to generate profits. This thanks to that there are methods taught by academies They are responsible for preparing people and making them professional in trading.

What is trading?

Earn money through trading

For many people the word trading may be unknown, however, knowing that it is trading is not complicated, since there is a lot of information related to the internet sector, and that once consulted, it will indicate that Trading is the activity responsible for the study and analysis of markets, the way they behave and the risks that may be around him, so it will help the person determine when to make an investment to obtain benefits.

Why has trading become so popular?

There are several reasons why trading has become more popular in recent years:


Through technological advances, new platforms have been created that work through the global network, which are easy to handle and are only aimed at offering a complete trading experience.


Thanks to the different digital platforms where you can trade, more people have the opportunity to enter this world and make their investments.


Many academies recognize the value of knowing how to trade, so they offer courses where they have designed techniques that allow you to understand everything related to the market and learn how to make investments with little risk.

Direct operations

There will be no intermediaries, but the investors themselves, if they have the necessary knowledge and security, can venture to make their investments from any digital platform that allows it.

Understandable interface

A very useful tool for trading is known as Order Flow, which offers an understandable graphical representation of the market, which allows to have the necessary information at the time of investing.

What do you need to operate?

To be a trader and a professional in trading, you first need certain things to be able to practice your profession.


Something obvious and important is to have your laptop and an internet connection, since this will be your workplace.


You must have money to invest in the bag that you are not going to use for another purpose.


It is important to conduct trading courses that allow you to know different techniques to understand the market and its changes. In this way you will have the opportunity to carry out operations with a smaller margin of loss.

To learn how to earn money in the stock market, it is necessary to have knowledge and be prepared to enter the world of investments. Although this will not be complicated, given that both the studies and the interface of the platforms allow you to understand it in a more practical and faster way.

There are also duly created techniques to better understand and take advantage of the world of trading, as well as essential tools so that the training and use of trading to invest and make a profit on the stock market generates the results that everyone wants.

In the same way you can hire a trader who is responsible for guiding you through the whole process, helping you when you know when to invest and when not. These can be independent professionals or belong to an organization that is responsible for offering these services.

The market is constantly changing, so it is important to have everything necessary to adapt to it and get our investment to grow and give us many profits.

Fix or replace, what to do with your quality furniture

I put you in a situation, you have a good piece of furniture, let's say a sofa.

It has a few years and cost you a paste at the time, but the upholstery is already very worn from use, the padding of the cushions does not go through its best moment and the color you do not even like.

What is the best?

Get rid of the sofa and buy a new sofa or try to fix it because the structure is worth it.

Who has not happened?

Good furniture is not cheap, but it is of quality and there may be times when it is worth investing in fixing it instead of buying a new piece of furniture.

Although it is also true, that today there is a lot of offer of everything and sometimes it does not compensate to spend an important amount of money in fixing it and reforming it in a piece of furniture that after all is not new.

We must also take into account that today, for example, it is possible to find very affordable quality sofa offers in the market.

The same, for example, could be applied to a piece of furniture to which we have a special affection and which we are sad to get rid of.

So what to do in that case?

Here are some tips and recommendations for you to make the most appropriate decision.

Find information to know if to renew or recycle

To make a decision about whether it is worth renewing a sofa or buy a new one, it is important to have all the information.

The sofa fabric has a lot of friction, and therefore is one of the first things to do.

How much does it cost to upholster a sofa?

The price of upholstering a 3 seater sofa It varies between € 500 and € 1,100, depending on the type of sofa and the type of fabric you choose.

At this price you have to add the price of the fabric you choose, usually for a sofa of the size we have commented (without chaise longue) you will need about 13-14 m.

The average price of a fabric to upholster a sofa is about € 30m, so you would have to add about € 400 more.

If you choose this option it is important know the best upholstery fabrics, since not all are suitable for upholstering a sofa.

It is also possible that for your sofa to be in perfect condition you have to fill the cushions, repair the straps so that it does not sink or fix some scratches, for example.

You will have to add these arrangements to the price of the reupholstering, on average they are about € 400 more.

Advantages of fixing a sofa

If it is a high quality piece, it will almost always be cheaper to repair it than to buy a new one of the same quality.

To this we must add that if you just have to reupholster, it will radically change the appearance not only of the sofa but of the room in which it is, turning the piece into something much more current.

New Sofa!

And you also contribute to the environment by reducing waste.

Buy a new sofa

Recycle and renovate a sofa Old as you have seen has many advantages, but it is not always worth it.

In the end the investment of upholstering and fixing an old sofa is not little money, and perhaps even if it is very good, the design or size you don't like anymore.

The furniture offer today is super wide.

It is not even necessary to kick dozens of sofa stores, watching one after another sofa.

Internet has also reached furniture, and it is possible to find good quality furniture at a good price in online stores.

Of course, make sure that they are really good furniture since many online furniture stores bring furniture from China with very low quality standards.

Both the structure, for example Spanish pine is infinitely better and more durable than wood from China, and the fabrics used in its upholstery are two fundamental aspects when choosing a good sofa.

The options you have if you need urgent money Autonomous Profiles

August 05, 2019






Autonomy that needs urgent money

Liquidity is an extremely essential element for any company, if it wishes to continue with its activity. In simple words, if there is no liquidity there is no company, because due to this you will not have the ability to make day-to-day payments. Liquidity is defined as the ability to cope with short-term payments.

5 cases for which an autonomous or company needs to have liquidity

Next, we will tell you what are the main reasons why a company or freelancer requires liquidity. One of the best ideas in these cases if you run out of liquidity, is to think about the urgent credits, since they are of great help for any economic urgency you have.

1. Payroll of workers

According to Article 4.2 f) of the Statute of Workers, it is established that it is One of the fundamental rights of every worker is the timely receipt of the remuneration agreed or legally established.

In this regard, article 32 of the Workers' Statute establishes a series of guarantees related to salary, stating that salary credits enjoy preferences, with different conditions, on any type of credit.

In addition, article 29 of the same law indicates that “The liquidation and payment of the salary shall be made promptly and documentary at the agreed date and place or in accordance with the customs and customs. The periods of time referred to in the payment of periodic and regular remuneration where they may not exceed one month.

2. Payment to suppliers

A breach of payment to suppliers could lead to the impossibility of continuing its activity. For example, if a company depends on transport and does not make payments to carriers, this company would be immersed in a serious problem.

But nevertheless, since 2013, with the application of the delinquency law, maximum deadlines are established for making payments for commercial operations of 60 days for private companies and 30 for public administrations, time that begins at the time of delivery of the product or service. In cases of delay, the delinquency law allows interest for late payment and compensation to be requested.

Although, companies can also use various payment tools to suppliers such as confirming, where a company asks a financial institution to manage payments to its suppliers.

Need urgent money "class =" aligncenter size-full img-responsive wp-image-917 "width =" 610 "height =" 300

3. Cope with taxes

Throughout the year, companies and freelancers must face tax payments such as VAT, personal income tax, social taxes, etc. Non-payment of taxes within the established period will generate a surcharge, which means that the tax debt will be even greater. For this reason, it is important that companies and freelancers have a good liquidity that allows them to meet their tax obligations within the established deadlines.

4. Investment in innovation

If there is not enough money to make an investment in innovation, the company will be obsolete and cannot be distinguished from the competition. It is therefore, to have enough financial capital for new ideas and new technologies is essential.

Innovation not only means that the company can last over time, but that the company can adapt to changes.

Regardless of the sector where we work these are constantly evolving and changing and companies must adapt to these changes, since the competition will begin to offer a new variety of products and services because customers and suppliers demand news. If you do not have the capacity for innovation, the company is destined to fail. At present, business competition is based on differentiation.

Take out home insurance for vacations

home insurance

We are already in July and the heat has come to stay; and with it, the holidays arrive. This is good news for everyone, even for thieves, who choose this era to multiply the looting at home absent tenants.

An empty house is the perfect target of criminals, which causes the assault on flats, apartments and houses throughout the country to multiply during the summer. In fact, according to data provided by Securitas Direct, in Spain there is a robbery every 33 minutes in summer.

Avoid posting on social networks the days we will be out of our home, close the home access or pretend that the house is inhabited (For example, not shutting and singing blinds) are some of the recommended guidelines for not being the target of criminals this summer.

And as important as following the recommended guidelines to minimize the risk of assault is have a home insurance that minimizes the impact in case, unfortunately, thieves get access to our home. Depending on the needs and assets we have in the home, we must take out insurance with more or less extensive coverage, to make sure we cover our property without paying an excessive premium for it.

In fact, many insurance companies cover with home insurance not only the home theftbut also the robbery outside the house, just like him fraudulent use of checks or bank cards, of which, in addition, so much use is made when we are on vacation.

But thefts are not the only risks that increase in the summer around the home. By spending longer periods outside the home than during the rest of the year, the chances of damage in it without them being perceived and, therefore, without we can put an immediate remedy. Thus, it is easy that during the holidays there may be a specific power outage or a water leak that, not being in the home, can trigger a greater evil and that if we do not have home insurance with these coverages, it causes the disbursement With him we counted for the holidays, I ended up being much older.