We both know that dresses are the most worn in summer. Even in August is a good time to find that unique piece that will mark this season. Because, let's face it, many times finding something "different", something with authentic, feminine style, is not easy with so many brands and stores trying to get our attention and position ourselves.

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<div>You know that I am always alert, and that is why today I tell you my latest discovery: that with their physical and online stores they bring us <strong>very interesting clothes, current, feminine and with unrepeatable purchase conditions.</strong></div>
<p>Remember <strong>the extra guarantee that means that physical stores like CKCModa also have their online store</strong>. In this case it has 3 physical stores in Spain! Two in Burgos, and one in Segovia. For those of us who are not lucky enough to be there, the online store is not far behind in aesthetics and wonderful products.</p>
<p>Do we take a walk through their dresses so you can check the style they spend?</p>
<p>In their physical and online stores you can find clothes for all seasons, but today we will see these women's printed dresses that can be the pieces that will make you shine in the Summer, Autumn and of course Spring.</p>
<p>Ibiza-style dresses, colorful, or vaporous prints and spectacular falls are the ones that best adapt to summer dates. <strong>All the fun, the parties, the beaches, the sunsets, the trips … They live more intensely when your looks accompany you. Being comfortable and beautiful is the essence of summer.<br /></strong></p>
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Because when a dress becomes our favorite, we try to extend its use as much as possible over time. It is not a matter of putting more hours, but To accompany us for more months. And, if possible, in more events.

For each season and occasion we can combine them with different jackets, shoes and accessories.

Being printed, any plain color of jacket or jacket, handkerchief, purse etc. will be perfect.

The best to highlight, or a somewhat unusual color, or the striking style ibicenco. Already the length and prints will make us differentiate. But look something that gives us light (like color) or a unique style (the beautiful skirt) is the kind of detail that speaks of our taste and know how to dress personally.

Short dresses like good things

Not only does the long triumph.

Noon and afternoon become eternally hot, and they get along much better with a cooler and lighter dress.

They also keep the advantages of being able to be used in any season: with stockings, boots, a pretty scarf, a knitted coat or a long neutral sweater will also be perfect in the Fall.

printed dress

Both in the office and outside the office, the style they bring you according to the shoes, accessories and hairstyle can be incredibly versatile. The great advantage of prints (no matter if they are vichy paintings or flowers) is that any smooth American helps soften them and give them the touch of seriousness you need at work.

With a change of jacket, you're ready to go for tapas.

printed dress

You will not regret investing in these printed dresses for your wardrobe. With other simple accessories and different styles You can get the most out of your travel, work or friends days.

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