Take out home insurance for vacations


home insurance

We are already in July and the heat has come to stay; and with it, the holidays arrive. This is good news for everyone, even for thieves, who choose this era to multiply the looting at home absent tenants.

An empty house is the perfect target of criminals, which causes the assault on flats, apartments and houses throughout the country to multiply during the summer. In fact, according to data provided by Securitas Direct, in Spain there is a robbery every 33 minutes in summer.

Avoid posting on social networks the days we will be out of our home, close the home access or pretend that the house is inhabited (For example, not shutting and singing blinds) are some of the recommended guidelines for not being the target of criminals this summer.

And as important as following the recommended guidelines to minimize the risk of assault is have a home insurance that minimizes the impact in case, unfortunately, thieves get access to our home. Depending on the needs and assets we have in the home, we must take out insurance with more or less extensive coverage, to make sure we cover our property without paying an excessive premium for it.

In fact, many insurance companies cover with home insurance not only the home theftbut also the robbery outside the house, just like him fraudulent use of checks or bank cards, of which, in addition, so much use is made when we are on vacation.

But thefts are not the only risks that increase in the summer around the home. By spending longer periods outside the home than during the rest of the year, the chances of damage in it without them being perceived and, therefore, without we can put an immediate remedy. Thus, it is easy that during the holidays there may be a specific power outage or a water leak that, not being in the home, can trigger a greater evil and that if we do not have home insurance with these coverages, it causes the disbursement With him we counted for the holidays, I ended up being much older.

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