Female masturbation

All girls should know their body, know what their erogenous zones are and what not what are those points that make them put a thousand. Not for your own pleasure, but also to know how to guide your partner about your tastes and, in yourself on the sexual level. If you want to give yourself pleasure and get the most out of your lonely moments, we recommend that you do not miss these five keys to enjoy yourself. We see some tips for female masturbation of our sexual guide.

Female masturbation is still a prohibited topic, but you have to forget about old sexual taboos because it is a very common practice that also brings benefits to the body. Masturbating is the best way to know the sensitive points, the clitoris, the G-spot and other erogenous zones. Once you learn how to reach orgasm, it will be much easier to guide your partner to achieve a better sex life. Do not miss the 5 keys to achieve it, both alone and with the help of a sex toy.

Masturbation for the experts

Get your legs open lying or sitting. Then caress the erogenous areas of your body. Explore your thighs with caresses, move to the groin area gently, explore the vaginal lips … Discover your clitoris. Use a finger to stroke and play with it. Stimulate it to reach your climax. Choose the rhythm that gives you the most pleasure and keep it until you reach orgasm. This is one of our tips for female masturbation.

Woman masturbation

Some fingers for the shyest

The woman's pussy is deep and sometimes it may seem that masturbating herself can be somewhat complicated. It is best that you lie down and put a sex toy that works for you. Find the right pressure to stimulate you in the best way. Repeat and squeeze until you reach your dream orgasm.

Intense orgasms for the lazy

With the help of an erotic object, stimulate your clitoris, making it vibrate, handling it as you please. As you will see, you have to choose: Chinese balls, vibrators, lubricants, anal plugs … You may have never considered having a friend on the nightstand, but don't limit yourself and give them a chance. You will discover a new world of pleasure and it will help you enjoy your body more. Surely among all of them there is a perfect one for you, so go to a sex shop and unleash your passion. Run it cute using this trick.

Masturbation with toy

Accompanied or alone for female masturbation?

Contrary to what you think, women who have no partner are not the only ones who masturbate. Having a masturbation partner can be very stimulating. There are even couples who masturbate together and therefore enjoy their sexuality much more, since it can help them enjoy more of the couple's relationship.

Sharing this moment of pleasure with your partner would be a sign of trust and complicity. Seeing you in those moments of intimacy you will know each other much better, and it will be very exciting. Both must masturbate side by side, it would be the best way to share the pleasure. Besides, your lover can help you, so it would be much more fun.

A great idea would be to try a new sex toy with your partner. He could use it to reach areas full of desire that you yourself could not do. But above all it is a game that every couple should discover. And these are our tips for female masturbation.

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