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Tony Stark: Iron Man is a series of comics that started in early 2019 and tells us the return of Tony Stark as Iron Man. Riri Williams has taken his own style with the "Champions", and it's time for the waters return to your channel, but has everything returned to normal? Well it won't be that easy.

This is a review of the first 11 numbers before the series plunges into the great event of "War of the Realms." And it presents us with a lot of new technology, and a fascinating vision of Science Fiction from the Marvel Multiverse.

Tony Stark: Iron Man trailer

A trailer for a comic? That's right, it is already something of the most common. Now not only comics have a trailer, even books have them, how are you?

The Tony Stark Iron Man Screenplay

This story comes from the hand of Dan slott, who comes from writing Spider-Man for ten years with great success. And now he's not only writing Iron Man, but he's also dedicating himself to the Fantastic Four. That is to say that this author is in charge of two of the most loaded Marvel stories of Science Fiction. And indeed this new story of Iron Man, comes very full of futurism, high technology, and in general a lot of Science Fiction of all kinds.

It starts with Doctor Andy Bhang, who briefly rivaled Tony during a robotics competition when the Avenger was just a child. But Stark contacts the Doctor again to work with him on Stark Unlimited.

This character will be our eyes in this new stage, and will help those who do not keep up with all the events of the Marvel Multiverse, we can understand something.

In the first numbers the progress of events goes quite slowly. I would dare to say almost to number five. Therefore it seems to me that it is an excellent time to get on this story. However, from there the events accelerate at great speed, and you have to pay close attention because otherwise one can get lost.

Among the interesting details, and without spoiling too much, I can mention:

Artificial intelligences that feel marginalized by society, serve as a vision of the current Social Justice movements from a different perspective.

Nanotechnology, transhumanism, virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D printing. In its beginnings the concepts and ideas of Iron Man were always very advanced for its time. This story brings us back to that current, including all these recent technologies and much more.

In addition War Machine is also back, Tony has a new biological mother, a brother of Tony reappears who seems to be as great as this, and our protagonist has a new romace with Janet Van Dyne, AKA The Wasp …

Tony Stark: Iron Man - Fin Fang Foom

The Art of Tony Stark: Iron Man

By Valerio Schiti with the collaboration of Gang Hyuk Lim. These artists do a great job of showing us the spectacular Iron Man armor, and all this variety of new technologies that abound in this comic.

I think they have a lot of fun when they show us the multitude of Virtual Universes that appear in this story. But perhaps the most fun is the moments when they show us those cartoons with the classic Iron Man. I am sure that the artists enjoyed it as much as the readers.

However, like the story, the first numbers did not stand out as much. We must wait for the most advanced chapters to see how this team of creatives brings out all their talent.

Tony Sark Iron Man 1


For those of us who enjoy Science Fiction, these first eleven numbers are very attractive. However, it is clearly a prelude to when the action starts strongly in War of the Realms, the new great Marvel event.

The Social Justice discourse is a bit tired for me, but it seems to me that the author knows how to portray it well when he introduces us from the subject who simply does not want to offend anyone, to the absolute fanatic who exaggerates everything and is consumed by his ideology.

Interestingly, it also seems to "humanize" Tony Stark, by showing us a character with more defects, fears and weaknesses. A subject that despite its incredible genius, is still human.

In general a recommended reading, although it is necessary to be patient during its first episodes.

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